Can You Freeze Peppers?

Imagine getting stuck in a snowstorm on cold months. Preserving food can be your best bet whenever there’s an emergency. Before winter rolls around, it would be best to stock up on vegetables that are still in season. This way, you save both money and time. Remember that peak season for peppers are from July to September.

But how can you really preserve your peppers? Can you even freeze them? And how long can you even freeze them to make them last until winter?

The answer is yes, you can freeze your peppers in order to preserve them. There are other ways to preserve them, but it still is possible to put your peppers in a freezer to make them last.

Other Ways to Preserve Peppers

As stated before, you can use a freezer to preserve them. However, there are still other ways to make your peppers last.

Do you have a lot of mason jars stocked up back home? Want to preserve salsa made from peppers? You can use the canning method.

This can be achieved by adding vinegar on your pepper-filled salsa before you store them. This way, you will be able to balance out the acidity to make it safe for canning.

You can also preserve them by drying them. By dehydrating your peppers, it will lead to concentrating its heat and flavor. Find ways to dry your peppers first completely before storing them.

When you store them, find containers or jars that can make sure they’ll be able to keep the air out.

Of course, freezing to preserve is still the best way. To know how to preserve your peppers this way, do read on.

Freezing Your Peppers

If you intend on freezing your peppers in order to preserve them, select the crisp and tender ones before throwing them in your refrigerator.

  • Of course, it would be best to wash them first. Wash them before grabbing a knife to slice them into bits.
  • Before slicing them, cut off the stems first before cutting the peppers in half.
  • Take out the seeds and membrane. You can save time by using the tip of a spoon or a melon baller to scrape it all out.
  • Cut them into strips first before freezing them and find a cookie sheet. Place them in a single layer on the tray with the cookie sheet.
  • Do this for an hour. Make sure your freezer is below zero degrees.
  • Put your sliced peppers in a “freezer” bag when frozen completely. Make sure to squeeze out as much air as you can.

Recipes You Can Try With Your Peppers

When it comes to finding recipes concerning peppers, you would most likely encounter Stuffed Peppers. This dish is something you can serve as an appetizer for your next family dinner if you want to go for something a little bit fancy.

For your main dish, you can go for pepper steak, which is a stir-fry dish that you can mostly find in Chinese restaurants.

If you want to spice up the usual Italian sausage on a bun, you can add in peppers and onions.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze peppers. Frozen peppers will last for 1-2 months in the freezer. Follow these tips on freezing peppers: Wash and drain them well. Remove stem and seeds (optional). Slice the peppers according to your desired usage (chips, slices, cubes etc.) Pack your desired number of dried and separated pieces in a ziplock bag or any other airtight container and seal tightly. Put the bags or containers in the freezer.

Now that you know how to freeze pepper, please share your experience with me by leaving a comment below this article.

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