Can You Freeze Honey?

I just bought honey in bulk. Buying it in bulk actually saved me some money. I wanted to use it for my recipes and experiment a little with it. I thought that putting it in the freezer will also help me save money since frozen foods won’t spoil as quickly as ones kept in your pantry (or shelf). But then again, my girlfriend said that honey would freeze and the water will separate from the sugar because of ice crystals forming inside? Can you freeze honey?

Honey is a timeless sweetener and its natural flavor is enjoyed by everybody. The price is a little bit expensive and we don’t want to waste that extra honey. So can we preserve by freezing it?

Yes, you can. Putting honey in the freezer is better than refrigerating it. In fact, refrigerating honey has a higher chance of crystallizing it than in putting it in the freezer. Freezing honey keeps it fresh for a long time.

Can you freeze honey?

Freezing honey can make it last for years and still maintain its freshness. When honey ages, the color gets darker and the flavor will change, but freezing it will avoid these changes.

Honey is a liquid substance that does not freeze completely. It will only crystallize at a high temperature. It is still safe to eat when heated, but it will lose flavor.

When preserving honey through freezing, storing it in a sealed glass container is the best way. Having an open container will lead to fermentation or waste.

If your honey crystallizes or gets frozen in the freezer, chances are the honey you bought is not natural. Natural honey contains only 18 percent water, and that is not enough to freeze.

When thawing honey, you could take it out in room temperature and allow it to thaw overtime. For a faster method, put the jar of honey in warm water until the desired thickness of honey is achieved.

Another way of preserving honey is to just keep it in your shelves. Just like when freezing it, keep it in an air tight container and make sure to keep it away from heat. It will keep your honey always ready to use but keeps it fresh for a shorter period.

How to freeze honey

To make sure you have fresh honey and preserved flavor and texture after freezing it, here are the steps to follow:

  • Store the honey in an air tight jar. This will ensure that microorganisms will not enter your honey and prevent fermentation and spoilage.
  • Make sure that you leave space inside the jar to ensure the freshness of the honey.
  • Put the honey jar in a freezer bag to avoid spillage and prevent odor of other food inside the freezer from affecting the honey.
  • When ready to use, thaw the jar by leaving it in room temperature and thaw it overtime. You could also heat it in warm water but be careful not to burn it and alter the flavor.

Honey recipes

For an appetizer for your meal, try making crispy honey chili potatoes. Its sweet and spicy combination is the best way to start your meal.

If want a fast and easy but delicious recipe, try making honey soufflé. It is very easy to make and a great food to share with your family.

If you are thinking of a meal that will surely fill your hungry tummy, try making honey garlic chicken. The flavor of honey and garlic on chicken is a perfect combination with rice.

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