Can You Freeze Ginger?

I’ve heard that any vegetable root such as ginger can be kept longer by submerging them in sand. I’d like to try that too but I think it’s too much of a hassle taking it out whenever you need it. Is there any other way to store unused gingers aside from keeping it in the pantry? Can I freeze ginger?

For us who are used to buying gingers in bulk, we often find ourselves throwing away the unused ones because they have shrunk over time.

Experts agree that ginger roots may be kept fresh in the fridge for up to 10 days. Freezing and keeping their finest quality up to several months is also possible. The best thing about freezer storage and freezing them in whole pieces is that you retain the essence of pure ginger.

Can You Freeze Ginger

Industrial agri-producers use sophisticated methods such as gamma irradiation to preserve ginger roots. In ambient temperature, these farm products do not rot and retain their marketable quality for up to 2 months.

It is therefore safe to say that you should freeze ginger roots for not more than 2 months. While extremely low temperature will keep the ginger from sprouting or rotting, the freezing process may eventually dry out its essence.

Of course, you may grate, turn the ginger into a paste or add some oil before freezing. But this method would be limiting because it depends entirely on which culinary or medicinal purpose you want to use the frozen ginger for.

You shouldn’t thaw a frozen ginger unless you intend to squeeze the juice out of it. Take a piece and grate it just before serving or incorporating it in your cooking.

Once you take it out, use the whole piece. Do not cut a portion and freeze the unused part again.

How to Preserve Ginger

To prevent waste of unconsumed farm products, follow these simple steps for preservation. This method works and it won’t take much of your time.

  • Separate the small gingers from the large ones
  • Determine the amount of small pieces of gingers that you can consume within 1 to 2 weeks and proceed to preserve the rest
  • Select the fresh, large gingers and peel only the parts where dirt is stuck or where the skin is not good (Peeling all the skin is unnecessary)
  • Rinse them well under running water and let them dry on a paper towel
  • Lay the gingers separately on a plate and freeze for 3 to 4 hours (This way, the gingers won’t stick together during the freezing process)
  • Take out the individually frozen pieces of ginger and put them into an airtight container
  • Label the container with the date and freeze again

Ginger Recipes

Instead of store-bought candies, why not turn your ginger roots into tangy Ginger Chews? This recipe will not only satisfy your sweet tooth; it also heals a distressed stomach.

Ginger is a popular ingredient in Indian culinary. With this Ginger Chutney recipe, you will learn how to harmonize ginger’s tanginess with the peppery of green chili.

Popular for its cancer-fighting and antibiotic properties, you may seize the essence of ginger with this Ginger Tea recipe. Just add some raw honey to neutralize the spicy flavor.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze ginger. Freezing ginger is a great way to preserve it for future use. All you have to do is remove the skin, cut into thin slices and put them in a freezer bag, seal it tightly and store it in your freezer. They will keep up to six months. You can also freeze ginger slices or just grate some fresh ginger, put it into a freezer bag, seal it tightly and store it in your freezer. They will keep up to six months.

Are you planning to freeze ginger? Share with me in the comment below. I am always looking to hear from my readers.

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