Can You Freeze Glass Jars?

My husband was about to haul the empty glass jars lying in our backyard all the way to the recycling bin. I stopped him because I thought I could use them as freezer containers. I haven’t done this before and I’m really not certain if they freeze well. Do I need to buy special kinds of glass jars for freezing?

Not all glass jars can withstand freezing conditions. Some of them crack easily and might even compromise the quality and safety of foods you’re attempting to preserve.

Only the two-function glass jars, which are tempered to endure extreme temperatures, should be used for freezing. These rigid glass containers are specifically designed for canning as well as freezing. As much as possible, choose to freeze foods in wide-mouthed glass jars for easier retrieval of partially thawed foods.

Can You Freeze Glass Jars

Freeze foods only in glass containers with the appropriate qualities such as mason jars. Do not freeze foods in containers with shoulders because they tend to break easily.

Any food stored in glass jars with regular size may defrost completely for up to 48 hours in the fridge. It may take a day if left on the counter.

However, take note of the kind of food you’re defrosting in room temperature. While it is true that glass jars are nonreactive and thick enough, the bacteria in the foods they contain might thrive within.

Highly perishable foods such as raw/cooked meat and dairy products should never be thawed in a temperature warmer than 40 degree Fahrenheit.

If you need a frozen food right away, you may instantly thaw that food by placing the glass jar in a bowl of water until the water boils.

Thawing the frozen food in its glass container is also possible with microwave heating. Just remove the lid and set the microwave from low to medium heat.

How to Freeze Foods in Glass Jars

Using glass jars for food storage is way savvier because they are reusable and free. For safe freezer storage, you may avoid glass-breaking and other freezing problems by observing the following guidelines:

  • Check the glass jars for any cracks, nicks or uneven edges
  • Inspect both the inner and outer layer of the lids to make sure that the lids fits
  • Wash the glass jars thoroughly and sterilize by submerging them in a bowl filled with hot water
  • Keep the lids in hot water while preparing the foods for freezing
  • Use a glass funnel to easily pour any fluid foods into the jars
  • To prevent the glass from breaking, leave a half-inch headspace for food expansion and ¼-inch for sauces or any foods packed in liquid
  • Seal tightly or use a vacuum sealer (with glass attachment) to completely deprive the glass container of any oxygen
  • Process them in water bath canner for 10 minutes for additional food safety (Optional)
  • Label the lid and freeze

How To Use Up Extra/Leftover Glass Jars?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few glass jars around your house. Whether they’re leftover from canning or just sitting in the pantry, these jars can be put to good use. Here are five ideas for how to use up your extra glass jars:

  1. Make a vase – Glass jars make great vases for fresh flowers. Just add some water and your favorite blooms, and you’ve got a beautiful arrangement.
  2. Use them as storage – Glass jars with lids are perfect for storing food, spices, and other small items. Just label the jar and put it to good use.
  3. Make a lantern – lanterns are a great way to add some ambiance to your home. To make a lantern, simply place a candle in a glass jar and enjoy.
  4. Make a soap dispenser – Glass jars can also be used to make soap dispensers. Just add some liquid soap and a pump, and you’ve got a beautiful and functional item for your home.
  5. Decorate them – Glass jars can also be used as decoration. Just add some paint, ribbon, or other embellishments to personalize them.

So there you have it – five ideas for how to use up your extra glass jars. Put them to good use around your house and enjoy!

Foods in Glassed Jars Recipes

This Banana Bread recipe is a fun way of baking banana bread – in glass jars! Just wrap a ribbon around the lid and they’ll be great for gifts.

Treat yourself with this do-it-yourself Mason Jar Ice Cream recipe. All you need are vanilla extract, heavy whipping cream and a mason jar. A little freezing will make it an ice cream right away.

Prepare your own salsa in glass jars for freezing with this Salsa Recipe. This recipe introduces two kinds of salsa: smooth salsa with pureed tomatoes and the other one is a chunkier salsa version.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze glass jars safely. Canning jars are usually made of glass which is why they are safe to be put in the freezer. Glass does not break under cold pressure. It may crack but it will hold its shape well even after being frozen for a long time. Just make sure that your jar’s lid or screw cap is well-secured before placing it together with other items in your freezer bag. If you want to take out individual servings without damaging the others, use ziplock bags and not ordinary packaging materials like saran wrap because they don’t seal as tight as zip locks do.

How do you plan on freezing your glass jars? Share your experience with me by leaving a comment below

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