Can You Freeze Mason Jars?

I am thinking about using mason jars to keep my left-overs. I live alone and I tend to cook a lot during the weekends, so I don’t need to spend more time cooking every day. I’m concerned that if keep food in mason jars, they’ll break and spill. It’ll be nice to know how to avoid this.

That is an absolutely great idea, and freezing food on mason jars is relatively safe, practical, and easier to clean.

In fact, it is recommended to use glass jars for food storage compared to plastic products. Glass jars does not contain Bisphenol A, also known as BPA. BPA is thought to be carcinogenic, and we don’t want you to ingest this cancer-causing chemical. Didn’t we mention that mason jars are easier to clean? Oil tends to stick to plastic, and when not cleaned thoroughly, it may cause bad bacteria to grow and mix with your food.

Can You Freeze Mason Jars?

While you may use mason jars for all kinds of food, it is ideal to use them for soups, sauces, and broths. You can maximize the space inside the jar and it is easier to take out. But, there is definitely no limit on what to store inside your jar.

Mason jars can be bought from gift shops or grocery stores. To save a few dollars, you may want to recycle instead. Choose grocery items such as mayonnaise or spaghetti sauce which comes in glass jars.

They also come in different shapes and sizes. When looking for the right jar, it is best to choose the straight-sided variety. Lids can be either metal or plastic, but we recommend you to use BPA-free plastic lids.

Liquids expand when frozen, and using jars with shoulders may prohibit this expansion. This is one of the main reasons why jars break when frozen.

Another reason for glass breakage is improper thawing. You may use a microwave oven to thaw the food inside the jar, but keep it on a low setting. While some glass jars are tempered to withstand heat, sudden changes in temperature can cause them to break.

Always clean the jars before use. Sterilize if possible to avoid the spread of bacteria. Once the food is frozen, it can be good for consumption for a few months, depending on the type of food stored.

How to Freeze Mason Jars?

There are three simple steps to freeze food inside a mason jar.

  • Pour the food into the jar. You may use a wide mouth funnel or a ladle to do so. For liquids, always leave a clearance of at least an inch or two, to allow the food to expand on top while freezing.
  • Cool the food. Freezing hot food will cause the jar to break. You may immerse the jar in a cold water bath to speed up the cooling. You may also cool the food first before pouring it onto the glass. Make sure it is completely cooled. You may label the jars so it’ll be easier to identify the food and the date it was prepared.
  • Freeze the jars. If completely cooled, you may put it directly into the freezer. Alternately, you cool the jars in the refrigerator first. Make sure that the jars are warm, not hot, when cooling it in the refrigerator.

How To Use Up Extra/Leftover Mason Jars?

Mason jars are a versatile and handy item to have around the house. But what do you do when you have extra Mason jars? Here are five ways to use up your leftover Mason jars:

  1. Make a vase – Mason jars make great vases for fresh flowers. Just add some water and your favorite blooms, and you’ve got a beautiful arrangement that’s sure to please.
  2. Make a lantern – Mason jars can also be used to make lanterns. Just add a candle and some decorative accents, and you’ll have a lovely light for your next outdoor gathering.
  3. Store dry goods – Have trouble keeping your pantry organized? Use Mason jars to store dry goods like flour, sugar, and rice. This will help keep your kitchen tidy and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  4. Make a soap dispenser – Mason jars can also be used to make soap dispensers. Just add a pump and some liquid soap, and you’ll have a stylish and functional addition to your bathroom or kitchen.
  5. Make a candle holder – Mason jars make great candle holders. Just add a few votive candles, and you’ve got a beautiful display that’s perfect for any room in your home.

So there you have it – five ways to use up your leftover Mason jars. These handy little containers can be used for so much more than just canning! So put them to good use and enjoy all that they have to offer.

Mason Jar Recipes

Preparing mason jar meals are convenient and easy. Here are some examples.

Mason Jar Salads

Here are seven easy and different kinds of healthy salads you can prepare in advance and store in your mason jar.

Refrigerator Oatmeal

For people on the go, these two recipes are recommended. Prepare breakfast good for the whole week, and you will never have to skip breakfast.

Mac and Cheese

The mason jar meal version of our favorite comfort food. If you want to have this American classic every time you open the fridge, this is a must-watch video for you.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze mason jars. Frozen items in mason jars will last for 2-3 months. Follow these steps to freeze your mason jars: Make sure you thoroughly clean the jar with warm soap and water before freezing, seal tightly with a lid, make sure the jar is completely dry before you put it in the freezer (for faster freezing), date the jar, store properly in a freezer, and keep your freezer at -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

I would love to know what you plan to freeze in your mason jars. How do you plan on freezing them? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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