Tips for Getting Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles

Under eye wrinkles are unpleasant facial features that occur as people age. Many consider it a problem as it makes the face look tired and old. Although these fine lines could have been prevented with good skin habits, such can also be removed.

I know that many of you are experiencing this problem and looking for means to effectively reduce or get rid of them all together. I’m pestered by these wrinkles so I looked for ways to solve the problem and I will share them to you in this article.

Natural Home Remedies

Some fruits and vegetables have properties that help the skin regain its elasticity which in turn keeps it supple and makes the lines disappear. Here are a few of these natural wrinkle remedies.


Virgin Coconut oil can keep the under eye area moisturized so that loose skin will regain its flexibility.

Grape Seed oil is great for under eye wrinkle treatment because it has proanthocyanidins, an anti-oxidant that prevents further skin damage.

Avocados are a great source of skin rejuvenating oil. You can turn them into a paste and apply on your under eyes at night.

Castor oil decreases creases and makes the skin smoother so apply some twice a week to reduce your fine lines.

Rosemary oil has medicinal properties that reduce the appearance of lines as well as prevent them so it’s good for daily use.

Virgin olive oil keeps moisture intact post application so it will make you skin tight and radiant. Use it at night under the eyes.

You can also use Vitamin E capsules to treat your under eye condition. The medicinal properties of its liquid will reduce skin dryness so cut one open to extract the juice.


Egg white is known for its ability to stretch the skin so using it under the eyes will create a lifting action. Regular use is good but avoid soaking your under eyes for long periods to prevent loose skin.

Cucumbers are well known for their hydrating ability so if you have crow’s feet and puffy eyes, then this is a great solution for that.

Fresh orange juice has vitamins that make your skin healthy and bright so put some under your eyes twice a day to remove unwanted under eye wrinkles.

Pineapple juice contains a natural alpha-hydroxyl acid called bromelain that reduces inflammation and reverses skin damage so it is effective for under eye wrinkles.

A combination of honey and ginger will produce a moisturizer that stimulates proper blood flow which is effective in banishing under eye wrinkles.

Rose Water is a popular home remedy known for its invigorating, toning and anti-aging properties. Dab some under the eyes daily to prevent further appearance of wrinkles.

Medical Solutions

Laser Treatments are used to tighten loose skin so lines won’t show.

Botox Treatment controls muscle movement like squinting so that it won’t create under eye lines.

Fillers are solutions that even out cracked skin surfaces so it would look undamaged.

OTC Products

Chemical Peels are used to remove old skin and obtain the younger one underneath so after the peeling takes place wrinkles will be less visible.

Tretinoin Ointments are topical medication used to improve skin conditions.

Glycolic Acid Solutions are similar to peels only that they are milder in general.

Eye Creams are thick moisturizers that keep the under eye area hydrated to avoid wrinkles from forming.

Serums are concentrated products that target skin problems like aging and creasing so they are powerful against eye wrinkles.

Despite the numerous ways to get rid of under eye wrinkles I’d still say that preventing them is the best action. Did you enjoy reading my article? Let me know through the comment section below.

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