The Best Kept Asian Beauty Secrets

The idea of beauty for many Asians is centered on holistic health, which means that anything good for the body makes you pretty.Factors such as skincare, diet and health practices are known to greatly contribute to an attractive appearance so I will elaborate on these further in this article.

Asian aesthetic secrets can be categorized into nutrition, lifestyle, products and routines.I will be sharing the most common practices that I’ve discovered:


Many Asians believe thatproper nutrition is the key to a youthful outer appearance. Here are popular Asian “beauty foods” that are not only eaten butare also infused in their skincare products and cosmetics.

Beauty Foods

Tea is a common beverage in Asian households because of itsanti-oxidant properties.A regular intake of tea helps cleanse the body of toxinskeeping the skin clear.

Dairy as it is believed to promote breakoutsso it is uncommon in Asian menu.

Gelatinous foods like chicken feet andtripe are Asian favorites due to their collagen content that adds elasticity to the skin.

Herbs and spiceslike honey, turmeric, rose water, eggs, saffron, fruits, and vegetables are popular DIY beautyitems.


Skin Brushing is a technique used to stimulate blood flow in the face. A dry but soft-bristled face brush is used to exfoliate and prepare the skin for absorption of products.

Asians are also known to slap skincare products into their faces instead of rubbing it in. The method allows quicker settling of the products.

Skin Polishing is the process of removing dead skin cells by using a pumice stone or exfoliator usually done after hours of soaking in hot water or sauna.

Massages make the skin look radiant because it promotes better blood circulation; that’s why many Asian women spend hours in spas.

Hydration is important because it keeps your skin refreshed and energized. Extra moisturizers, essences, oils and serums are always part of Asian skincare routines.


Asiansprefer oils for cleansing because it doesn’t clog pores and it adds moisture to the skin.

Facial Masks are important in Asian skincare routines because it seals in all the other products that they used prior to it.

Sunscreens are essential in keeping the skin damage-free. Some Asians even wear SPF-laced products at home.

Facial mists are popular for keeping dehydration at bay.


Exercise is vital for a physically fit body so Asians always workout.

Outdoor activities are a staple for Asians because they believe that fresh air, sunrays and a good view promote positivity which then makes the person happier.

Smiling is a common Asian trait that makes them look youthful. Happy people are also thought to be more attractive.

Asians veer away from processed foods and preservatives and opt for organic alternatives.

Drinking water should be your normal routine because it makes the skin young and vibrant.

Sleeping habits are important in avoiding the fatigued- look so Asian people try to get enough sleep as often.

Make up removal is a must because leaving make up on while sleeping increases your skin’s age.

That sums up my quest for Asian Beauty secrets and I hope you liked the article enough to share it.  I’d like to emphasize that beauty can be achieved by paying attention to your body. I would love to hear about your thoughts so type them on the comment box below.

Here is a video you might want to watch if you want to learn more about the Asian beauty concepts.

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