What Are The Benefits of Cold Press Juice?

Cold pressed juice is created by using pressure to extract liquid from fresh vegetables and fruits. Before anything else, let’s take a closer look at cold press juice benefits and see whether this alternative juicing method is worth the hype.

Normally, juice extraction involves spinning blades that generate heat, which kills nutrients. In comparison, pressing the juice avoids the destruction of the vital ingredients through heating, thus preserving their health benefits.This is the main reason for cold pressing juice.

Nutrient Preservation

Vitamin C is one nutrient that gets damaged by light and heat during processing. People consume fruit juice in the belief that they will obtain Vitamin C from them. Unfortunately, the juice might have little left when it reaches consumers.

Because people realize the importance of getting the expected amount of nutrients from the fruits they eat, they are turning to cold-pressed juices instead. This avoids the need for costly food supplements.

Increased Options

Cold pressing enables vegetables to be juiced. In comparison, most juices available in shops are only from fruits. This is great for those who do not like to eat veggies but want to obtain fibre and micronutrients.

As a bonus, leafy greens are processed efficiently by a cold press juicer. It can also work on nuts so you can create beverages like cashew milk and almond milk.

You can get more pulp in your drink when you use a cold presser. If you used other types of juicers, you probably would not have any pulp at all unless you used a really fibrous fruit.


Fruits and greens contain body-cleansing fibre which gets lost through cooking and processing. Cold pressing retains soluble fibre, which is easier to digest and functions as a probiotic as well. This results to less digestive problems and improved health.

Probiotics are available from many food sources such as yogurt, health drinks, and fermented food. However, they may be expensive and unpalatable. Cold pressing your chosen ingredients gives you the freedom to decide how your probiotic drinks will taste like.

Better Health Habits

Cold pressing may lead to other health behaviours. It does take commitment to drinking cold pressed juices especially when you’re doing it yourself, but this makes a person become health-conscious in other activities like eating wisely and exercising regularly.

Cold pressed juice is costlier than regular juice. This seems as a deterrent, but the investment involved makes a person feel serious about his/her health. It also reduces the chance that he/she will spend money on unhealthy things.

Versatile Benefits

As you can see, cold pressing goes beyond physical health benefits but it also extends to psychological well-being. It gives a person the opportunity to take charge of his/her own health and not be dependent on what the stores make available for consumers.

These are just some reasons why more and more people are trying cold-pressed juicing. To get cold press juice benefits like them, give it a try, too. I hope you enjoyed this simple health tip for living a healthier life!

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