How to Achieve Youthful and Glowing Skin

The modern, fast-paced lifestyle has taken its toll on our skin and sadly only a few people are attentive enough to address its effects. Despite the availability of numerous technologies, we seem to have forgotten about the importance of looking youthful.

Here are some tips on how to stay looking young and fresh naturally by making some lifestyle changes.


Let’s start with a list of the good habits we need to master to maintain that young and beautiful skin.

Adequate sleep gives your skin time to repair itself so it can keep its natural glow.

Too much sun exposure can lead to premature skin-aging or skin cancer so reduce your tanning session or if possible opt for fake tans instead.

Eating excessive amounts of sweets hastens our skin’s aging through the process called glycation so reduce your sugar intake.

Have regular massage sessions to increase your blood circulation. Better blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin so you get that healthy glow.

Exfoliate regularly because dead skin makes our appearance look dull. You can opt for exfoliators like a pumice stone or body scrubs.

Quit smoking because nicotine makes the skin loose. Nicotine also creates the enzyme matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) that destroys our skin’s collagen, making it look saggy.

Hydrate with water as often as you can. Water keeps the skin nourished and perky so it stays vibrant.

Keep your body fit through workouts because it promotes good wellbeing and supports the transport of nutrients all other the body. Exercise also rids the body of dirt and toxins through sweating.

Remove make up prior to sleeping because leaving it on overnight will not only clog the pores and produce breakouts but also age your skin due to the chemical content.

Wash your face and body before going to sleep because dirt and pollution will dull the skin and create unnecessary skin diseases.

Excessive partying is definitely bad for the skin because alcohol is dehydrating and lack of sleep plus secondhand smoke makes the skin look older than usual.

Avoidnarcotics because many of them can produce side effects like skin discoloration, sagging,dark circles among other health concerns.

Avoid being stressed because it causes wrinkles, rashes, pimples, dandruff and overall dullness.

Stop intentionally damaging your skin by scratching or picking on scabs because it is going to work harder to re-repair the wound.


Increase your Vitamin C by drinking natural juices. It will enhance your immune system and keep your skin bright.

Avoid caffeine as it will dehydrate the skin. If it is necessary then control your portions.

Skipping meals wreaks havoc in your body because it isn’t supplied with enough nutrients. Without proper functionality, your body cannot keep your skin nourished.


Use anti-aging products because skin damage has no minimum age. Always keep your skin protected.

Apply minimum make up if possible or choose hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic products.

Start your skincare regimen as early as possible to prevent further skin damage.

Facial Workouts

Stay young and pretty by doing facial exercises of face yoga which stretches the skin and keeps it looking supple.

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