Organic Makeup Brands

What is organic makeup and why is it worth paying attention to? Organic makeup contains only plant-based or naturally occurring chemicals and compounds. These ingredients are produced or gathered using organic methods.

Organic makeup doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals, preservatives, dyes, pesticides, or synthetic fragrances. However, organic makeup is effective as regular makeup and even offers a few more benefits.

Why use organic makeup brands?

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, organic makeup brands are the natural choice. They’re another aspect of your life from which you can remove animal products or synthetic chemicals.

However, organic makeup also has a lot to offer people who aren’t vegan or vegetarian. Here are some of the benefits of using organic makeup brands:

Good for the environment

You’ll be supporting brands that are trying to lessen their impact on the environment. Ingredients found in non-organic makeup are gathered from mining (which is bad for the environment) and other practices that affect the earth’s wildlife.

Better for your skin

Your skin is the largest organ and they require care just like the rest of your body. Organic makeup contains natural ingredients (such as cocoa butter) that can also nurture your skin, rather than simply cover it up.

I especially recommend organic makeup to people with sensitive skin or those who have allergies. Organic products are less likely to contain chemicals that would irritate your skin, unless you have a specific allergy.

You will learn a lot

Part of the healthy and organic lifestyle is educating yourself in order to make better choices. Learning about what ingredients do and what works for your skin is empowering and satisfying.

Tips for buying organic makeup

I wouldn’t recommend simply buying products that say they are natural or organic. Here are a few things for you to know before buying organic makeup.

Look at the label

Some products that are labeled organic can still contain non-organic products. Products that claim to be “made with organic ingredients” may only contain small amounts of organic substances.

Even products labeled as “organic” can still contain non-organic products. Look for products that are certified “100% Organic” if you don’t want other chemicals in your makeup.

Check the ingredients

Do some research on the ingredients and make sure you’re not allergic to anything. It would also help to know your skin type so you can look for products with ingredients that suit you.

Avoid fragrances

Fragrances are always bad for your skin, and lots of products are loaded with them because people are more likely to buy a product that smells good.

Fragrances irritate your skin—whether or not it’s a natural product. Stick to fragrance-free organic makeup and apply perfumes to your clothes, not to your skin.

Don’t buy a lot of products at once

If you’re transitioning into an organic makeup routine, don’t rush to toss out all your makeup. Take your time and do some research about what ingredients to look for your skin type.

Buy one product at a time and gradually introduce them into your makeup and skincare routine. I would recommend using up or giving away your current makeup rather than throwing them out, as it’s less wasteful.

Check out organic skincare and hair products too

Organic makeup is good for your skin, but you may want to have a separate skincare routine as well if you want to go organic all the way.


I hope this article helps you find the best organic makeup for you. I think it’s really important to support organic makeup brands that don’t test on animals. Let me know in the comments what your favorite brands or products are!

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