52 Foods That Start With O

Onions and oatmeal aren’t the only foods that start with O. There are so many others on the list, it’s hard to figure out where to even begin!
We could talk about olives and okra, but those are too easy. How about oranges? They’re a favorite for both juice and desserts. But there’s also oregano, oatmeal, oysters…and more! There are so many more great foods that start with O, but I’m getting hungry just keeping them all straight in my head. Let’s see the list below.


List of Foods That Start With O


An unusual citrus fruit, the Orangelo has orange-colored flesh and a grapefruit-like flavor. It’s related to other citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, mandarins , and cumquats . Orangelos are eaten as a snack or used in recipes like salads, fish dishes, juice , etc. The name is derived from its appearance; it looks like an orange (color) but could be mistaken for a grapefruit (shape).


This Mexican drink mixes orange juice and grapefruit juice together into one refreshing drink that has a slightly bitter aftertaste to it. Some people choose to mix in other flavors like lemonade or strawberry puree, though!

Oxford Blue cheese

A type of blue cheese known for containing veins full of blue mold. It’s creamy when you eat it but has a crumbly texture too. There are many ways to cook with this cheese, so pick your favorite way to enjoy it!


An Oblea is a Spanish and Latin American food that’s pretty simple: it’s just a sugar cookie. The way they’re made, though, makes it different from other cookies – the dough for an oblea is rolled out into thin sheets and then baked until light brown. Afterwards, these sheets are often filled with fruit preserves or dulce de leche.

Ostriche arrosto

An Italian recipe for broiled oysters. They can be served as an appetizer or as the main course itself (usually as part of a big meal). These are simple to make: just put each oyster on its own sheet of aluminum foil, add some garlic butter over it, and then broil it.


Oregano is an herb often used in cooking and creating Italian dishes like pizza and pasta sauce. Oregano is related to marjoram and has a strong flavor that can add a lot of depth to any dish you’re making.


Oreos are a popular cookie that’s eaten all over the world. They’re delicious, chocolatey cookies with creme filling in the center. You can eat them alone or use them to make many different desserts like cakes, pies, brownies, and more!


Obusuma is a traditional Ghanaian dish eaten to breakfast during Ramadan. It consists of butter beans cooked with tomatoes, onions, chilies, spices like ginger and nutmeg – plus salt and pepper to taste. Many people also add water to make it soupier.


Olan is a Turkish dessert made from whole chamomile blossoms that have been stuffed with walnuts and sugar then boiled in water until they turn brown in color. Olan can also be served cold in the summertime with kaymak, which is clotted cream made of very high fat content (it tastes like a cross between cream and butter). In Turkish, “plan “” meansboiled”.


An African dish that marries cassava leaves (or yuca leaves) with peanuts, peanut butter, and red palm oil. The flavors of this dish are very unique because you can taste everything in it separately but they overlap well when eaten all together at once!

Ovos moles de Aveiro

A Portuguese dessert made by baking eggs with sugar. This dish can also include other ingredients like flour, butter, bread crumbs, bourbon vanilla extract, lemon zest, fig jam or quince jelly to give it more flavor! These are usually served as a snack around special occasions.

Onion kulcha

An Indian bread made from maida flour, chopped onions, yogurt , and spices such as red chili powder and black salt is sometimes eaten at breakfast with pickles or curries. In some regions it is baked by vendors with foil on top of the kulcha while it’s being cooked.


A Japanese dish that consists of chicken and eggs over rice and cooked in a savory sauce too. It’s usually garnished with green onions, but sometimes it’ll contain vegetables like carrots or cabbage too! The flavor of this meal is milder than most other Asian dishes.

Ogbono soup

Ogbono soup comes from Nigeria. It’s made with the African bush mango, also known as ogbono seeds. It’s often eaten with okra soup, which is made of the African Okra plant.


An oatcake is a very simple snack made with oats and salt, and nothing else. Usually, you would add honey or syrup to it for flavor.


Ochazuke is a Japanese dish made up of green tea and other ingredients like fish, rice and pickles. It is more of a side dish than an appetizer or main course.

Olive oil

Olive oil is an essential ingredient in many different types of cooking, and there are countless types to try. It comes from olives, and the process of extracting it from the fruit is called pressing.


Octopus is a meat that comes from the head, arms and suckers of cephalopods (a family of marine animals which also includes squid). Octopus can be cooked in many different ways, such as steaming, roasting, boiling or frying it. It has a chewy texture and is high in protein and low in fat.

Opera cake

Opera cake is a butter-based layered sponge cake filled with coffee butter cream & chocolate ganache . It’s also sometimes filled with raspberry jam , blackberry preserves , or chestnut purée . The word “Opera” refers to its origin in France by Austrian chef named Sacher who created the cake using leftover ingredients from an opera production. Opera cake has French influences but was introduced to North America by Italian immigrants.


A tangy soup made with chicken, eggs, and vegetables. It’s usually served hot or cold, although there are some variations that include it being served steaming hot or cold with ice cubes inside. The taste of the dish is influenced by the ingredients used.


A classic Italian dish that consists of veal shanks covered in a sauce made from vegetables and white wine. It’s traditionally served with risotto and other side dishes like green beans and carrots. If you want to make this at home, you should look for veal shank bones first – they might be available at your local grocery store.


Onions are often used in many recipes for their flavor, especially in dishes like soups, stews, and salads. They can be found fresh or canned at grocery stores all over the world.


The tail of an ox or steer that’s often used for soup. The meat in the tail is usually tough because the muscles get worked quite hard over time, so boiling them into a broth is one good option which is highly recommended.


Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake made from flour, grated nagaimo, water or dashi, cabbage and meat or seafood. Okonomi means “how you like” and yaki means “grill”. This dish can have many different ingredients, but may include prawns, octopus, pork belly and mochi rice cakes.


This Russian dish is eaten in the summertime and is a cold soup that can be made from any meat or fish and flavored with cucumbers and dill. Okroshkas usually contain kefir (fermented milk) and kvass (a lightly fermented beverage made from black rye bread, malt extract, yeast). The word “okroshka” comes from okróshka which means “something sour” in Russian.

Oeufs en Meurette

This recipe consists of eggs served on red wine sauce. The eggs are poached in red wine or sometimes, in a tomato-based broth. The dish is usually served with bacon and croutons.


An omelet is one of the most basic breakfast dishes you can make! It’s quick and easy to prepare for one or two people, and you can add whatever you like to the dish.

Oat milk

Oat milk is a plant-based alternative to dairy. It’s made by “soaking and blending oats with water, then straining out the grain.” It has more carbs than cow’s milk, but it also contains twice as much fiber. Oat milk can be used to make your usual smoothies or lattes.

Osmanthus cake

A traditional Chinese treat that’s often given for special events like birthdays and weddings. They consist of crispy pastry shells filled with melon seeds (or lotus seeds if melons aren’t in season) and sweet osmanthus flower syrup inside. Many people eat these around the Mid-Autumn Festival in the fall!

Olive all’ascolana

The olives used to make this Italian dish are not actually cooked! This food dating back to Ancient Rome consists of olives stuffed with meat, anchovies and capers in a vinegar sauce. Olives all’ascolana is usually served at room temperature. The word “ascolana” comes from the town of Ascoli Piceno.


Like many other foods, olives come in many different varieties depending on where they were grown. They can be served whole or stuffed with any number of things like meat or rice.


Oranges are a great snack or part of many different recipes. They can be eaten on their own, used in juices, desserts, and salads. Oranges also make a tasty juice to drink!


A Japanese soup that’s traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day. It contains dumplings made from azuki beans, rice flour, and sugar syrup, along with veggies like lotus root or carrots! The flavor of this dish is mostly sweet because of the ingredients used.


Obbattu is a traditional Indian dish made from flatbread and sweet or savory fillings. It’s usually slightly thicker than chapati, but it’s also made with the same type of flour.


Okra is a flowering plant in the mallow family that can be eaten when it’s still green or when the okra pods are bright red. Okras are commonly found in Indian, West African, South Asian, Southern American, Ethiopian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s also used commercially to produce gumbo.

Onion bhaji

A delicious Indian dish, the onion bhaji is composed of spicy onions fried in oil with curry leaves and served with tamarind sauce. It’s often served at restaurants along with other Indian dishes like samosas or masala dosas .


A Japanese dessert made with azuki beans, sugar, rice, and water. The mixture is boiled gently together until it becomes very thick. It can be served hot or cold depending on the chef’s preference. Sometimes people add millet paste to the dish to give it more texture!

Oil palm

The oil palm tree gets its name from the fruit it produces which has three parts: the fleshy outer layer surrounding a large seed/kernel containing oil pressed out of it.


Onigiri are triangle-shaped balls made from rice that are often wrapped in seaweed. They’re very common in Japanese cuisine and can be filled with anything, including tuna salad or pickled plums (Umeboshi). Onigiri are also sweet because they might be sprinkled with sugar before being baked, steamed, or fried.


Okowa is a traditional Japanese food of cooked rice mixed with only vegetables such as green onions and ginger root. It also includes any type of seaweed without fish flavorings. The main ingredient in okowa is finely chopped nagaimo root, which makes the mixture sticky enough to be carefully handled with chopsticks.


This is one of Japan’s most popular dishes! It consists of an omelet wrapped around fried rice mixed with ketchup.


Ogi is a Nigerian steamed cornmeal porridge that’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner! It’s made from boiled corn kernels, but once the water has been drained off, the remaining corn dough is called “ogi.” Ogi can be eaten alone or mixed with milk to make it sweeter.

Oregon grapes

Oregon grapes come from the USA state of Oregon and have a sweet grape taste without being too tart. This makes them perfect for eating by themselves but they can also be added into beverages, salads, or even salsa!


This Japanese side dish is simple: cooked vegetables (usually spinach) and tofu are marinated in soy sauce and mirin (a sweet rice wine used in cooking). These ingredients are then served over cold rice. This dish can be served hot or cold.


Oatmeal is a whole-grain breakfast cereal. It’s made from oat groats, which have been chopped into smaller pieces and steamed or roasted. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, which can help improve your digestion and lower cholesterol levels in your blood.


An orange-flavored liqueur from Haiti. It can be sweetened for added flavor and turned into a popular cocktail called an Orange Blossom when mixed with champagne. This is a drink that’s typically served on special occasions.

Oil Down

Oil Down is a traditional Caribbean breakfast dish made by frying onions, garlic and other seasonings in oil or butter. Breadfruit, green bananas, dumplings and fried fish are among the common accompaniments to Oil Down.

Orgu Peyniri

Orgu peyniri is a sheep-milk cheese native to northern Turkey made of pasteurized milk and has an extremely salty taste due to it being heavily salted by hand after production. It’s commonly paired with rakı.


Oats are whole grains that come from the plant Avena sativa. They can be used to make oat flour or oat groats, which are also called oatmeal.


Oysters are one of the most popular, oldest types of seafood. Nowadays, Oysters can be found in many different types of cuisine and can even be used to make soup or sandwiches! Some other types include cockles, mussels, clams, scallops, calamari, and shrimp.


A berry that is closely related to the raspberry and blackberry. The olallieberry grows up in Northern California and Oregon and has a taste that resembles blackberry and raspberry jam. Olallieberries can be found fresh or bottled in jams, jellies, and preserves.

Olivet Cendré

Olivet Cendré is a type of French cheese made from cow’s milk. It has an ivory color with grey-brown veins on the surface of the pate. The flavor ranges across different types; some are mild while others are more aggressive.

Wrap Up

The list of foods that start with the letter O is a long one. There are so many different types of food from all over the world, it can be hard to keep track!

Now that we’ve covered the letter “O” and all of its delicious foods, It’s time to have a look at some lists like this- perhaps starting with another letter?

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