33 Foods That Start With S

There are so many amazing foods that start with the letter S, it’s hard to figure out where to even begin!
We could talk about salmon and spaghetti, but those are too easy.
And how about shrimp? They’re a favorite for salads and appetizers. But there’s also smoothies and salsa – both of which start with “S.” And how can we forget spinach? It’s one of our favorites because it makes amazing salads! There’s Spam, soy sauce…and more! So what do you think: Ready to go explore?


List of Foods That Start With S


Sage comes from an aromatic plant in the mint family which can be found all over the world. When dried, sage leaves are hard and coarsely textured. The flavor is strong and it’s often used to season fatty cuts of meat, sausages, bread, soups, stuffings, or sauces for poultry.


A scallop is a type of shellfish that has a distinctive fan-shaped shell with ridges around it. This particular type of mollusk looks like it has multiple disks in its shell when gathered together on the ocean floor. Scallops can be eaten raw or cooked; they’re also often used in more complex dishes like soups and spaghetti sauces.


Sake is a rice wine made through the fermentation of rice, which was first created over 2,000 years ago in China. Sake is often described as a dry wine with complex flavors like apple, honey, nuts, and fish broth. It’s sometimes used to create sauces for meat dishes or light appetizers like fish cakes or spring rolls.


The shallot is a relative of the onion that has purplish-red skin and white flesh inside. Shallots have more depth than onions do with caramel undertones, which makes them perfect for heartier dishes like stews. These also go well with meats like steak!


Spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable that comes from the same family as beets and chard . You can use spinach to make a salad, pizza, lasagna, quiche, soup, smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, muffins, and more!


Soy is a top plant-based protein source. Soybeans are used to make soy milk, tofu, and other vegetarian meat substitutes like tempeh and textured vegetable protein (TVP). Soy also comes in the form of isolated soy proteins used in meat products like sausage or lunch meats.


Salmon is a type of fish found in the Pacific Ocean and North Atlantic. There are many different species of salmon, which vary in color from light pink to dark red. Salmon is often eaten as either smoked or canned; it can also be steamed, broiled, poached, or fried. Sake is also used for sauces served with salmon dishes.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is created with cow’s milk and has a mild, nutty flavor. It’s used to make sandwiches like grilled cheese, burgers, and melts.


Saffron is a spice that comes from the flower Crocus sativus. It’s often considered one of the most expensive spices in the world because harvesting it is extremely labor-intensive. Saffron can vary widely in price, but it tends to be more expensive than other spices like black pepper and nutmeg. It has a sweet, honey-like taste and is often used to flavor rice dishes, fish stews, stews, soups, and paellas.


A salad is a dish that consists of a mixture of small pieces of food, arranged in a single serving. Most salads consist of vegetables or fruits; however, there are also seafood salads and some with chicken. A tossed salad can be prepared and served either in a large bowl or on a plate with an accompanying dressing.


Sushi is traditional Japanese food that includes cooked rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt; along with other ingredients like fish (tuna, salmon), cucumber, and avocado.


A schintzel is made by combining beef, veal, and sometimes pork with rice and onions. Schintzels can be served as a main course or side dish; they’re also eaten stuffed in sandwiches.


The snicker candy bar is a delicious treat that dates back to 1930 when it was first introduced in New England by Steve’s Candies. Originally sold for $0.10 per bar (equal to about $1 today), this delectable confection has become one of America’s favorite candies.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are an extremely versatile food. They can be used to top breads, added to baked goods like pastries and cookies, or used in Asian dishes like sushi. Sesame seeds come from the sesame plant.


Smoothies can be made with a variety of ingredients and often allow you to add healthy ingredients like fruit and spinach without changing the flavor much! They’re an easy and delicious way to get in your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


Strawberries are small, sweet fruits that usually come sliced and topped with whipped cream. They can also be used to make smoothies, cakes, jam, and salads.


Spaghetti is a type of pasta that comes in long strands. It’s often used with a red sauce, which is made from cooked canned tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil, garlic, and oregano. It can be used in many different dishes like baked ziti, spaghetti pie, pot pies.


Salsa comes from the Spanish word for “sauce” so technically any sauce made by blending together ingredients is considered salsa. However, most people think of salsa as being a mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, garlic, cilantro leaves, and lime juice that is served as an accompaniment to tortilla chips or tamales.

Star fruit

Star fruit is shaped like a star with five points that are edible. They can be eaten raw or used as an ingredient in dishes like chutney, salsa, and fruit salads.


A sausage is a food that consists of ground meat that has been stuffed into a casing made from animal intestines or synthetic materials like plastic. Most sausages contain pork and beef, poultry, lamb, duck, venison, buffalo, or other meats. Sausages are usually categorized by their mixing of the main ingredient (for example, beef sausage) and their region of origin (like Italian sausage). Sausage can be served fried, grilled, steamed, baked, or broiled.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is important for flavoring Asian dishes like teriyaki chicken, sushi rice, noodles, salad dressings, and stir fry. There are different varieties that include light soy sauce (cheaper) and dark soy sauce (tangier), which can be used interchangeably.

Snow Peas

Snow peas are commonly used as an ingredient in stir fries, but they can also be enjoyed on their own! They have a deliciously sweet flavor and a soft texture.


Soup can be cooked with practically any ingredients you want to add in it. It’s an easy way to get protein, vegetables, carbohydrates or any other food groups into your diet when combined properly. Soup can be eaten as a starter or a main course depending on its ingredients.


Soba is a type of noodle used in Japanese cooking that’s made from buckwheat flour. This nutritious option is low calorie, gluten free, and vegan friendly!

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash has an interesting shape resembling strands of spaghetti. It’s neither tomato nor pasta, but the texture of spaghetti squash is slightly stringier than actual spaghetti. Spaghetti squash can be baked or microwaved.


Steak is beef that has been cut into thin pieces. It’s often seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder before being cooked in a pan or grilled to desired doneness. Steaks are usually served with a starch, like mashed potatoes, and veggies.

Sweet Potato

A sweet potato is a dark purple, orange, or yellow root vegetable that is usually baked and topped with butter, salt, and pepper. It can be used to make fries, mashed sweet potatoes, or as a side dish with other meals.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are small, red tomatoes that have been dried under the sun. They’re often used to add flavor and color to pasta dishes, salads, and rice.


Spam is a type of chopped pork shoulder that has been preserved in a can with salt or other substances. It’s often used as an ingredient in dishes like Spam musubi, fried rice, casseroles, and breakfast sandwiches.


Squash are softball-sized fruits that include summer and winter varieties. They’re often used in side dishes like sweet potato-butternut squash casserole, fried zucchini rounds, and grilled vegetables.


Sardines are a type of small, oily fish. They’re commonly eaten as either canned or fresh-packed sardines, which have been soaked in wine and olive oil. In many parts of the world, they’re considered a popular delicacy because they’re less expensive than meat but still provide a good amount of protein and nutrients. Sardines can be fried or sautéed with other spices to enhance their flavor.


You may know shrimp as seafood, but its meat actually comes from crustaceans related to lobsters and crabs! Shrimp can be eaten on their own or cooked in dishes like scampi, shrimp fried rice, and more.


Sultanas are small dried grapes that are often used in baking like breads, cakes ,and cookies. They can also be used in desserts like date squares or crumbles.

Wrap Up

The list of foods that start with the letter S is a long one. There are so many different types of food from all over the world, it can be hard to keep track!

Now that we’ve covered the letter “S” and all of its delicious foods, It’s time to have a look at some lists like this- perhaps starting with another letter?

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