Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

I’m hosting a party at home and planning to serve Jello shots. I’m thinking of making them a few days ahead so I would have fewer things to do on the day of the party. My question is this: can I make them ahead of time and put them in the freezer so they’d keep well?

We understand why you’d want to make Jello shots ahead. They take a long time to set, so it would be great if you can get them out of the way and focus on other things for your party.

Unfortunately, freezing Jello shots isn’t a good idea. For one thing, these jiggly, wiggly drinks won’t exactly freeze like ice cubes — and you wouldn’t want them to, anyway. And they keep well in the fridge, so sticking them in the freezer doesn’t really do anything to extend their shelf life.

Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

Alcoholic drinks have a lower freezing temperature than water — they need to reach around -143.7°F (or -97.6°C) before they freeze. Most domestic freezers reach only around -20°C.

Because of this, drinks that contain alcohol — yes, including Jello shots — won’t completely freeze no matter how long they stay in your freezer.

Even if you do successfully freeze Jello shots, you and your guests won’t like how the gelatin would taste and feel in your mouth.

Freezing destroys the chemical structure of gelatin and causes it to crystallize and expand. This changes its texture and flavor and makes it less tasty and appealing to your guests.

So, instead of freezing them, just keep them in your fridge. They can last for three to four days as long as they’re well-covered.

If you want your Jello shots to set quickly, don’t put them in the freezer. Instead, pour smaller shots in each container and set your fridge’s temperature to the coldest possible setting.

How to Preserve Jello Shots

So you can’t freeze jello shots to make them set quicker or extend their shelf life. What you should do to preserve them, then? Well, you can take the following steps:

  • Prepare your Jello shots according to your desired recipe. It’s recommended to thoroughly chill the alcohol before adding it to the mix.
  • Pour the mixture into separate containers if you want to serve Jello shots individually. Make sure the containers have lids. If you’d like to cut the Jello into slices prior to serving, you can pour the entire mixture into a large lidded bowl or flat dish.
  • Allow the mixture to cool before putting the container/s into the fridge. Make sure to properly cover the container/s to maintain the flavor, texture, and color of the Jello.
  • If you’re in a hurry, increase the temperature of your fridge so the shots would set faster.
  • Make sure to consume the shots within three to four days.

Jello Shot Recipes

Vodka Jello Shots

Use this recipe to make classic vodka-based Jello shots that would surely delight your friends and make you the star of the party.

Watermelon Jello Shot Slices

Who says Jello shots always have to be in a container? Use this recipe to serve delicious Jello shots on watermelon rinds!

Orange Wedge Jello Shots

Delight your guests with flavorful vodka Jello shots that look just like orange wedges! Follow this recipe to make your own.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze jello shots. Frozen jello shots will last for 2-3 months in the freezer if stored properly. There are two methods that you can use: use a freezer bag or an airtight container. The method and materials depend on what kind of shot jelly you have made and whether your recipe included alcohol or not because we don’t want to get our jello shots frozen solid!

Let me know how it goes if you choose to freeze your jello shots by leaving a comment below. I will be more than happy to hear from you!

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