Can You Freeze Cooked Ham?

My sister-in-law loves spaghetti carbonara and one of its main ingredients is ham. I brought home some leftover cooked ham from our office party last night. I thought of freezing and saving it for the next weekend until my sister-in-law is home so she can cook our favorite spaghetti carbonara. Is it alright to freeze cooked ham?

How thoughtful of you to save some cooked ham for your sister’s cooking. It really is a pleasure to have someone like our cooking so your sister must be very happy to have you.

About freezing cooked ham, it is truly alright to do so. Even in markets nowadays, many food manufacturing companies producing hams have opted to produce pre-cooked ham as it is already a growing demand for meat lovers who want to buy their ham all ready to eat.

Can You Freeze Cooked Ham?

  • Basically, all types of ham can be frozen, cooked, or uncooked, except for the unopened canned ham (the shelf-stable and the labeled “Keep Refrigerated” hams).
  • All cooked opened canned and opened uncooked ham must be refrigerated or frozen after opening to prolong its shelf life. Freezing hams to preserve it longer is a very practical thing to do.
  • Freezing does not affect the ham’s nutritive content or taste at all. Although ham may tend to get watery after it has been frozen.
  • You may opt to slice the ham into desired sizes and cuts before putting it inside the freezer bags or containers then stacking them inside the freezer. Don’t forget to label the dates on the containers you have put them into.
  • To use it after freezing, just simply thaw it as it is. You may also toss it directly to whatever it is that you are cooking with it.
  • Never refreeze thawed meat products for food safety reasons. Hams are still safe to consume after two to three months on average if frozen.

How to Freeze Cooked Ham?

Although it is fine to freeze ham of most types, cooking the ham before freezing it will prevent the ham to become watery when thawed. The following are the steps on how to freeze cooked ham:

  • Slice the cooked ham into desired shapes and sizes according to your preferences.
  • Pack the ham in freezer bags or containers.
  • Vacuum as much air as possible before sealing the packaging.
  • Label each pack of ham with the date when you prepared it for freezing.
  • Stack them inside the freezer and these should be good for consumption for up to an average of 2 to 3 months.
  • Always check the expiration date of any type of ham product before you purchase it.
  • Do not freeze any unopened canned ham variants. Always refer to the packaging for instructions on the proper storage of any type of ham you buy.

Cooked Ham Recipes

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Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze cooked ham and it will last for 4-6 months. To freeze your cooked ham, remove all of the bones and fat and cut them into smaller pieces (this way it is easier to defrost). Wrap the pieces with aluminum foil or freezer wrap before putting them in a plastic bag. Be careful to squeeze out all of the air and label with today’s date before freezing it.

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