Can You Freeze Rice?

I notice that sometimes there is leftover rice after my family eats dinner. As much as I want to avoid such wastes, it is really hard to estimate how much rice I should cook for every meal. Is it possible to keep them in the freezer and still be safe to eat a day or two after?

It is really such a waste to throw away leftover rice, considering the rigorous process it underwent before reaching our tables.

Rice can be easily contaminated that it is critical to store it in a clean and air-tight container. It is important to refrigerate rice within one and a half hours of cooking. It is generally safe to eat the frozen rice within six days, but can reach up to two weeks when strictly stored properly.

Can you Freeze Rice?

Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates. It is a staple food for most cultures. Many types of rice in different colors and textures have been developed to fulfill different dietary needs and taste of consumers.

However, sometimes, it is really hard to estimate the amount of rice to cook every meal. Rice can be easily spoiled as well that is why it is a challenge to store them away from contamination.

Rice is full of nutrients, making it a perfect refugee for bacteria and other microorganisms. Not only human can benefit from it and this is one of the reasons that is susceptible to food poisoning.

When you have leftover rice, make sure it is quickly cooled for storage. Exposing it in a room temperature for a long time encourages the multiple growths of bacteria. Put it in an airtight container then freeze.

It is said that frozen rice can be eaten within two weeks but it is highly recommended that frozen rice should be consumed within three days. Reheating should only be done only once.

More than anything else, it will always be better to avoid leftovers. Aside from you are not contributing to the tons of millions of possible food waste, you are assured of your safety from food poisoning.

Freeze your Rice Immediately

Rice is one of the staple human foods. Almost half of the world population relies on rice to complete their diet and maintaining their health. However, rice can easily be spoiled when not stored immediately. Below are the steps in making sure that your leftover rice can still be eaten the next day.

  • Quickly cool the leftover rice. Do not expose it to room temperature for a long time because bacteria strive in such temperature. This increases the chances of rice contamination. With your gloved hands, you can gently need the rice for quick cooling.
  • Once cooled down, immediately pack the leftover rice in airtight containers such as resealable bags. Make sure air is squeezed out.
  • Put the leftover rice inside the freezer.
  • Although you can store it up to two weeks, it is highly recommended to consume frozen rice within three days.
  • It is important to note that you can only do the reheating once. 

Rice Recipes

Rice is so basic that you can pair it with anything! Here are some recipes that will surely aid your carbo-loading diet.

This Chinese Style Fried Rice Recipe will give you a taste of the Oriental culture. Simple and loaded with vegetables, this will totally fill your tummy.

Not so sweet but definitely one of the most satisfying desserts, this is a heavy snack and you will really feel full in your stomach.

This sushi recipe suits the vegetarian who is craving for some Japanese food. Delectable and healthy, you can never go wrong with rice and vegetables.

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