Can You Freeze Cooked Quinoa?

I’m a bustling college student who usually can’t find enough time to prepare her food until I realized that late-night pizzas and fast foods are taking their toll on me. I wanted to try a healthy diet with whole grains and rice. Being a stickler for reheating frozen foods, can I just cook the quinoa and freeze it for a month’s worth?

Quinoa, the Incan “mother of all grains”, is technically a seed. With its complete proteins and gluten-free properties, it’s no wonder that everyone wanted it as a superfood.

Quinoa may be preserved and frozen in whatever form, though cooked quinoa may have a shorter shelf life. It will stay good in the fridge for up to 5 days. You may freeze it indefinitely, of course. But for best quality, freeze it only up to 2 months and consume it within that time frame.

Can You Freeze Cooked Quinoa

Cooking quinoa in batches ahead of time is the popular method of people who wants to save time, the same way that instant food manufacturers do.

The only difference is that manufacturers store it in a cold temperature of at least 4 degrees Celsius for short-term consumption.

It’s difficult to find any store-bought cooked quinoa, perhaps, because it’s a risky business. Not that quinoa is easily contaminated, but it’s impractical to cook it and let its quality fade away by storing it longer than it should.

But freezing, of course, is the only way you could preserve cooked quinoa for the long term. Remember, however, that its taste and texture may decline if frozen beyond the recommended period.

It’s difficult to determine whether cooked quinoa has expired. If you notice molds or an off-smell, then discard it away.

Do not thaw it in the fridge if you don’t want it to be vicious and mushy. Better yet, thaw it straight into the microwave and reheat for 60 seconds.

How to Preserve Quinoa

Many people cook a batch of quinoa on weekends for use later. If you intend to do just that, here are some fine tips and ways to cook quinoa for preservation purposes:

  • Rinse the quinoa under running water in a mesh strainer (To wash away the bitter coating that naturally forms on the seed)
  • Cook it like rice in a rice cooker or a large pan
  • Add two cups of water or broth for every cup of raw quinoa
  • Bring it to a boil until most of the water has seeped in
  • Reduce heat to a minimum and cook until tender
  • Let it cool for not more than 2 hours at room temperature
  • Fill in your freezer bags with the cooked quinoa in a thin, flat layer (To avoid ice crystals from forming in the center)
  • Label the container with the date and number of cups
  • Squeeze out the air, seal, and freeze

Cooked Quinoa Recipes

This Garlic Quinoa is a good alternative for protein in vegetarian meals. It may be a substitute for rice as a side dish in chicken, pork, beef, or seafood dishes.

Have low-fat fried rice with this Pork-Fried Quinoa recipe. The moist cooked quinoa absorbs all the flavor of smoked ham, garlic, and onion as the mixture fries together in the pan.

Red Quinoa Steak is not steak, but a combination of Shiitake mushroom, tofu, and quinoa. It’s the alter ego of meat food in vegan diets.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze cooked quinoa. Frozen cooked quinoa will last for 6 months in the freezer if properly stored. The process of freezing will not change the texture or taste of cooked quinoa. Here is how to do it: Store your desired number of quinoa in separate airtight bags. Seal the bags well. Put them all in one large bag, label it with today’s date and freeze it. Make sure you allow it to cool down before placing it in the freezer.

How do you plan to freeze cooked quinoa? Will you take any special steps? Let us know in the comment section below.

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