Can You Freeze Heavy Cream?

A few days ago, I decided to make banoffee pies for our family gathering. I bought more heavy cream than needed since I know that I can use them again someday. However, I am afraid that storing them in the shelf for too long will cause them to spoil. Can I freeze them for longer storage? If so, how long will they last?

Heavy cream is one of the most common ingredients found in the kitchen. Because of its versatility, storing it has become a normal habit. To keep it fresh and ready for use, freezing it is possible.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do. Just simply put the carton in the freezer, ensuring the container is not too full to give more room for expansion. If you know that you will only be using the cream in small amounts, pour them into ice cube trays or silicone molds. Once frozen, transfer the frozen shapes to plastic storage bags. Heavy cream can last for months in the freezer.

Can you Freeze Heavy Cream?

The high fat content of heavy cream (approximately 36% or more) allows it to be frozen well. Experts believe that freezing heavy cream can make them last for three to four months.

If frozen in a jar, make sure that it has enough room for expansion. It is wiser to put dates on the jar as to when it was first frozen so that keeping track of its shelf life will not be a problem.

You cannot whip heavy cream right away once it is frozen. Make sure to thaw it in the refrigerator first before using it right away.

Depending on how much cream is thawed, defrosting can last for 15 minutes or overnight. Remember to shake it well before using to blend the separated butterfat.

The texture of the heavy cream might appear grainy when whipped. If so, adding some sugar or other sweeteners can help smooth it out.

Other than the grainy texture when whipped, the flavor and texture of heavy cream stay the same once thawed. When a sour smell emerges and lumps begin to form, you’ll know that it has gone bad.

How to Freeze Heavy Cream

Freezing heavy cream is a quick and easy process. Depending on how much of it you usually use are the following options on how to freeze it.

Option 1:

  • Divide the cream into parts by pouring them in ice cube trays or silicone molds.
  • Transfer the frozen cubes or shapes into a plastic bag to save up space in the freezer.
  • Attach a masking tape to the bag and write the date when freezing started to serve as a record.

Option 2:

  • Transfer the cream into a jar or use the original container. Make sure that either one of the aforementioned has enough space for expansion.
  • Place the jar in an upright position to prevent leaking and spilling.
  • Label the container with a date to help track the cream’s shelf life.

NOTE: Refrain from mixing exposed and sheltered heavy cream to prevent spoiling and contamination.

Heavy Cream Recipes

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Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze heavy cream. Freezing heavy cream will last for 6-8 months. Here are the steps on how to do it: transfer your desired amount of heavy cream into a freezer bag and leave enough space for air inside the bag so that it won’t be an obstacle in freezing; seal tightly and label the bag with today’s date; store properly in your freezer!

What will you use your frozen heavy cream for? Share with me in the comment section below. I always look forward to hearing from you soon

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