Can You Freeze Yogurt?

Yogurt is one healthy food everybody should try eating every day. It is high in probiotics and enzymes that improve health. It tastes delicious, too. This one is available in supermarkets and you can also make some at home. Homemade yogurt is oftentimes better than store-bought ones because there is lesser chance of buying one with preservatives, sugar, and other additives.

Making one serving of yogurt each day isn’t very practical. You can make 1 large batch and store it in small ready-to-go containers. You have to store yogurt properly to preserve the probiotics and enzymes. Proper storage also helps retain good flavor.

Almost any food can be frozen, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection. And, that includes yogurt. Frozen yogurt makes for a cool addition to drinks, smoothies, and cold dressings and dips.

Can you freeze yogurt?

Technically, yes. However, some types do not do well in the freezer. Yogurt with higher water content won’t have the same good texture and consistency when frozen.

The water will crystallize and you will be left with a non-appetizing solidified goo. You can’t just stick any store-bought yogurt in the freezer and expect it to turn nice, smooth, and creamy a few days later.

To avoid this, stir in the yogurt well for an even consistency before placing in the freezer. You divide a large tub into smaller single-serve containers because you should not refreeze thawed frozen yogurt. Containers must have a tight seal.

When freezing store-bought yogurt, keep in the freezer only until its “Use By” date. For homemade yogurt, it can keep for only 1-2 months.

You can use frozen yogurt as it is. If you prefer to thaw it first, place the frozen tub in the refrigerator for gradual thawing. Never use yogurt thawed and placed in 40°F for more than 2 hours.

The texture and taste may change, depending on the type of yogurt. Less watery yogurt may have minimal change in texture and flavor. Some yogurt may become slightly more acidic because of the death of the probiotics from the freezing process. It is still healthy to eat, though, as long as it does not smell sour, no molds, and isn’t very runny or watery.

How to freeze yogurt?

You can freeze yogurt in 3 different ways:

Freezing in cups:

  • Scoop yogurt into small containers.
  • Seal tightly and freeze.
  • Best to freeze upside down to keep the texture and flavor.

Freezing in containers

  • you can directly place a tub of yogurt in the freezer.
  • Unopened tubs (of store-bought yogurt) keep for 1-2 months. Opened tubs keep for 1 month in the freezer.

Freezing in ice cube trays:

  • Scoop yogurt into ice cube trays.
  • Leave a little space from the top of the tray, as room for expansion during freezing.

Frozen Yogurt Recipes

For these recipes, you substitute already-frozen yogurt to make the dish/recipe ready to eat right after making them.

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

You can enjoy a delectable cool dessert or snack by adding some dark chocolate to frozen yogurt for a quick treat.

Peanut Butter and Frozen Yogurt

Stir some good quality peanut butter with frozen yogurt for a quick healthy snack. You may also use this as a cold dip for vegetable sticks or as dressing.

Frozen Yogurt Drops

This recipe makes small yogurt drops that you can eat on its own or as toppings to your cold salads, cold cakes, etc.

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