Can You Freeze Avocados?

Avocados are a great fruit to add to your diet. They contain many vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin K, B vitamins, and Vitamin E. If you bought too many avocados or just want some for later in the week but aren’t ready to eat them yet here’s how to freeze avocados so they last longer

Avocados can be frozen. You can freeze whole or mashed fruit. Avocados can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months. Freezing does not change the appearance of avocadoes. Make sure that you immediately freeze the fruit before it browns. The flavor and texture will change once the fruit is frozen and thawed but they are still good for sometimes or even guacamoles.

Can you freeze avocados?

Avocados can be frozen. You can freeze whole or mashed fruit. You can freeze unripe avocados or ripe-at-the-moment, mashed or whole.

The flavor and texture will not be much different from a fresh, ripe one. Even the appearance won’t be much different.

Make sure that you immediately freeze the fruit before it browns. Exposing the fruit to air will cause oxidation and browning.

The flavor will change once the fruit gets oxidized. You will have to prepare the fruit quickly then freeze it immediately. The container should not contain any air, too. The best ones would be cling wrap and sealable freezer-safe bags.

Another way to avoid browning is to add acidic agents. An example is brushing the entire fruit with lemon juice.

Avocados can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months without affecting flavor and texture. Longer than that and there may be significant changes in texture and flavor already.

Freezing avocado halves

Avocados kept in the freezer are better when peeled and seeded. To properly freeze an avocado:

  • Slice avocado. Remove the seed and the peel.
  • Brush the entire avocado with lemon juice.
  • Wrap each half tightly with plastic cling wrap.
  • There should be no room for air. The fruit turns brown when exposed to air. The plastic should cling to the cavity where the seed previously was.
  • Place wrapped avocado halves in a large re-sealable freezer bag.
  • Remove all air from the bag and seal.
  • Place the bag in the freezer.

Freezing mashed avocados

Some people prefer freezing mashed avocados so that they will be easier and quicker to use. Here’s how to freeze mashed avocado:

  • Scoop out the avocado meat.
  • Place in a bowl and drizzle with some lemon juice.
  • Mash to desired consistency.
  • Spoon into a sealable freezer bag. Freeze until use.

Frozen avocado recipes

You can thaw frozen avocados and enjoy them just like fresh ripe ones. However, the best ways will be including these in smoothies, guacamole, and dressings, like these recipes:

Sweet Frozen Avocado Dessert

Satisfy your sweet tooth with some frozen avocado slices drizzled with sweet condensed milk. Use frozen avocados instead of fresh ones for this recipe for a refreshing dessert.

Frozen Avocado Smoothie

Substitute your frozen avocado to the fresh one in this recipe. You get a cold, refreshing smoothie without watering it down with some ice.

Frozen Avocado Margarita Recipe

Try something other than guac and smoothies. This makes one, extraordinary refreshing drink. You may use frozen avocado instead of the fresh one used in this recipe. You can ditch the ice or use less if using frozen avocados to get a stronger drink.

Wrap Up

If you want to extend the shelf-life of any extra avocados that you have, there are a few ways that can help keep them fresh. You may choose to freeze mashed avocado so it is easier and quicker to use later on in recipes or meals. Alternatively, if you’d like your fruit slices to last longer remove the seed and peel first before freezing with lemon juice brushed onto each half.

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