Can You Freeze Asparagus?

Asparagus is a nutritious vegetable that can also be used in so many ways. If you’re like me, you might have gone out and bought way too much asparagus. Or maybe you just can’t eat it fast enough to avoid spoiling. Either way, let’s find out if we can freeze this vegetable!

You can freeze asparagus! To do so clean them thoroughly. Blanch them for two minutes in boiling water. Cut the ends off and place it on a dry towel to cool completely before freezing. Next, pack them tight in freezer containers or bags. 

Can You Freeze Asparagus?

Freezing fresh asparagus is the best way for its longer shelf life. For those who are obsessed to it, they can just put butter on it right after thawing and it will still be tasty. The price is not that low though.

Another negative side of it is that it’s not available all year round. But if you’re lucky enough, you can have excess asparagus shopping and follow the easy steps that I’ll share to you. Preparing, freezing, and thawing is not that hard to do.

For those who live in a country with different seasons, don’t worry because you can enjoy asparagus as much as you want to by preserving it in the correct method. Many households have tried it and they have the same reaction; ‘It’s really amazing and it tastes much better!’

If you’re concerned about the market price, then don’t be. Imagine your table with this very tasty and nutrient-filled vegetable every day. It’s a given that you won’t get the same crunch from preserved vegetables or fruits, but the benefits will never be taken out of context.

Having a mushy texture from preserved food is normal. It depends on the longevity of the preservation. It’s up to you if you want it a bit crispier, then eat them right away.

If you’re planning to add them to your cooked dishes, then just add them to your pot with the other ingredients without the need of thawing. Believe it or not, it will still have the same taste and a great addition to your home cooking. Just make sure to always use homegrown ingredients and you’ll get the same result.

Another reminder, the thicker the preserved asparagus is, the better to use it for sauce recipes. You’ll get the perfect consistency that is best paired with bread or even chips. There are many asparagus recipes that you can try as we move along.

Compared to other vegetables, asparagus is one of the food that you can preserve for a long time as you can keep it in the freezer for around 8-12 months. But as I mentioned earlier, the texture will definitely differ and in a bad scenario, it might deteriorate. On a positive note, you can try other ways to preserve it like canning, pickling, or drying.

Naturally ripened by the sun, without the use of chemicals and other natural or organic procedures to farm asparagus, are the pros of enjoying this vegetable. All you have to do is make sure that you gain enough knowledge on how to prolong its life naturally. Follow these steps to enjoy asparagus all throughout the year.

How to freeze fresh asparagus?

  • One handful serving of asparagus is needed for this procedure. But if you want more, just double the amount of the other ingredients that you will use.
  • Boil water in a large pot.
  • Fill one bowl of cold water.
  • Cut the asparagus into bite sizes.
  • Put them in ‘ziploc’ type of freezer bags then put them in the freezer.

For those who like to freeze dry ones, these directions are for you:

  • Clean and cut the asparagus. But this time, make sure to dry it.
  • You can try cutting it diagonally.
  • Blanch asparagus for 3 minutes and put it in a bowl of cold water afterwards.
  • Place asparagus on freeze dryer trays with freezer paper. Freezer paper or parchment paper is used to clean the trays easily.
  • This time, put the trays in a freeze dryer. Always observe the drain valve and vacuum pump. Make sure they are closed tightly and the oil level is enough because you need to achieve the right moisture level to dry the asparagus correctly.
  • When the cycle is done, check the middle part of each tray and make sure they’re not cold anymore.
  • If they’re completely dry, transfer them in tightly sealed mason jars.

You don’t have enough time to cook but you have too much asparagus in your fridge? The following simple recipes will surely help you out with your meal planning:

Asparagus Chowder

I don’t want to brag but this recipe is one of the best that I’ve tried so far. Even if it’s out of season, it will still taste good as usual. Have a good chow!

Asparagus Mint Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Get the unending goodness from this recipe. This one has been developed by adding the lemon vinaigrette. It’s best for eaters who are on a diet.

3 Ingredient Bacon Asparagus Frittata

I’m happy that this recipe was invented. If you had a lot of eggs stored in the fridge, then you can definitely try this. This one was a good decision so far.

Wrap Up

It can be difficult to find fresh asparagus in the grocery store throughout the year. If you’ve been looking for a way to extend its shelf-life, then we have good news! It turns out that freezing is one of the best ways to do so. If you have more tips on preserving asparagus for longer periods, please share your experience with us below!

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