Can You Freeze Onions?

I’ve recently moved out of my parents’ house. Now, I’m faced with the fact that I am totally an amateur when it comes to cooking and about everything in the kitchen. I have no idea what needs to be frozen and what not. I wonder if I can freeze onions, or should I just refrigerate them?

Onions are almost always present in every cooked dish. Sometimes, we cut only the portion we need from a whole onion and toss aside the leftover.

Don’t make the mistake of refrigerating onions in the open because its odor will permeate all other foods in your fridge. The same is true when leaving your onions in their plastic bags; the lack of air ventilation diminishes its shelf life. Freeze onions in airproof containers, where its strongest flavor will stay up to a month or two.

Can You Freeze Onions

Frozen onions are available in grocery stores for everyone’s convenience. You can likewise do so with your leftover onions. They come in handy as you cook your meals in a hurry.

Ordinarily, freezing is not recommended. This is because onions can stay fresh even in room temperature, and much better when stored in cool, dry place. The ideal temperature is 32 up to 40 degree Fahrenheit.

If you freeze onions though, choose to freeze only the large and fully-matured ones. Freezing is your last resort if you still have some onions left and they are starting to sprout.

You don’t need to thaw frozen onions. When taking a portion out of the freezer, just cast the pieces directly into the dish you’re cooking.

Their frozen texture will not have that much effect especially with stews and soups. In fact, it may only lose much of its flavor if defrosted and the onion essence goes out with the liquid.

How to Freeze Onions

Freeze any peeled and sliced onion with the following steps so you can use them later for cooked dishes such as casseroles and stews:

  • Rinse the whole onions under running water
  • Peel and chop into preferred sizes
  • Put the onion pieces into tightly-sealed containers or freezer bags and arrange the pieces in a single, even layer
  • If possible, use as many small freezer bags for each individual portions that you need with every recipe
  • Use heavy-duty or thicker freezer bags to prevent onion odor from seeping out (Ziploc sandwich bags are not recommended)
  • Label the container with the content and the date you froze them
  • If you store them in freezer bags, lay first the bags on a cookie sheet or any flat surface and freeze until solid and frozen enough (For easy storage and to prevent misshapen freezer bags from taking too much space in your freezer)
  • Remove the cookie sheet and pile the even-layered onion bags in the freezer

Onion Recipes

Green Bean Casserole is only a 5-ingredient, easy-to-make side dish for the Thanksgiving Day. It is an oven-baked creamy mixture of beans and fried onions, topped over with additional French onions.

Onions make us cry, but not with this French Onion Soup. This dish tricks you by digging into the silky fine cheese on top and then all the way into a heavenly warm broth of onion and melted cheese underneath.

The savory blend of potato and onion for a vegan diet is achieved in this Potato and Onion Soup recipe. Just add some rosemary and flat-leaf parsley for a zesty flavor.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze onions. Frozen onions will last for 4-8 months in the freezer if they are properly stored. To prepare your onions for freezing, simply rinse them in cold water and wipe them dry. Cut the onions into halves or quarters for faster results. Pack your desired number of onions in separate air-tight bags. Seal the bags well. Put the bags in the freezer. Store up to 8 months and label with today’s date that way you will know when you last stored your onions.

What is your experience with freezing onions? Share in the comment section below if you have any questions or would like to share your experience with freezing onions.

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