Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs?

My three kids are going through a phase where they can’t seem to agree on one kind of food for breakfast. Being a working mother, I don’t have the time to cook three different items for one meal! I came up with the idea of making scrambled eggs then allow the kids to choose their own toppings: cheese, salsa, and mayonnaise – whatever they can find in the fridge. Now that it’s become a habit, I would want to simply make a huge batch of scrambled eggs over the weekend then reheat them on weekdays.

First off – that’s a wonderful idea! Solving a headache while letting your kids’ imagination develop is a great parenting trick. Scrambled eggs are good sources of protein and nutrients that will surely help your kids jumpstart their day.

You can freeze the eggs then reheat them as needed. In fact, the best way to freeze eggs is to scramble them first. The egg whites often become gelatinous and rubbery when frozen. Since scrambling the eggs mixes the white with the yolk, the consistency of the frozen egg becomes less rubbery and retains more of its original texture.

Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs?

To achieve the best quality and texture, don’t overcook the scrambled eggs. Leave the mixture a bit runny, so that it will be less rubbery after freezing.

Make sure to let the scrambled eggs cool before storing them in the freezer. A muffin tin works best when portioning the scrambled eggs into one-time meals.

After freezing the scrambled eggs, you can cover them in plastic wrap individually then store inside a plastic zipping bag. Squeeze out the excess air from the bag. This helps maintain freshness and manage the storage space inside your freezer.

While frozen food can last up to a year, it would be best to eat scrambled eggs within three to six months. Mark the bags with the date, and don’t forget to check every week for tears in the plastic container.

Thaw the frozen scrambled eggs the night before serving them. You can use a frying pan or the microwave on low heat to reheat the scrambled eggs.

When reheating the frozen scrambled eggs, remember to stir the mixture to achieve better consistency and texture. For best results, add the desired toppings while the eggs are still warm.

How to Freeze Scrambled Eggs

Freezing scrambled eggs and reheating them on a busy morning is an easy process. Save time and energy by following these simple steps for freezing scrambled eggs.

  • Cook the scrambled eggs using the standard recipe, but make sure that the eggs are a little bit runnier than usual. This prevents the rubbery texture after freezing the scrambled eggs.
  • Let the eggs cool before placing them inside the freezer.
  • Separate the scrambled eggs into portions for convenience during the following mornings. A muffin tin works well for this.
  • Wrap each portion with plastic wrap. You can do this twice to ensure that the food does not get freezer burn.
  • Place each wrapped portion inside a plastic zipping freezer bag. Remove the excess air before sealing the bags. Don’t forget to label the bags with the date.
  • On the night before breakfast, remove the scrambled egg portions from the freezer. This will allow the eggs to thaw overnight.
  • Reheat the thawed scrambled eggs in the morning over low heat. Add a few toppings and serve your scrambled eggs!

How To Use Up Extra/Leftover Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple, but what do you do when you have extra scrambled eggs? Here are five delicious ways to use up your leftover scrambled eggs:

  1. Make an omelet – Omelets are a great way to use up leftover scrambled eggs. Just add in your favorite fillings and you’ve got a delicious and satisfying meal.
  2. Make egg salad – Egg salad is another great option for using up leftover scrambled eggs. Just add in some mayonnaise, chopped celery, and spices, and you’ve got a tasty lunch or snack.
  3. Use them as a topping on salads – Scrambled eggs make a great protein-packed topping for salads. Just add them to your favorite salad and enjoy.
  4. Make a breakfast burrito – Breakfast burritos are a great way to use up leftover scrambled eggs. Just add them to a tortilla with some cheese and other desired toppings, and you’ve got a delicious and easy meal.
  5. Make egg muffins – Egg muffins are a great option for on-the-go meals. Just add your scrambled eggs to a muffin tin with some cheese and bake. You can also add in other desired toppings, such as bacon or sausage.

So there you have it – five delicious ways to use up your leftover scrambled eggs. Next time you find yourself with extra eggs, try one of these recipes and enjoy!

Scrambled Eggs Recipes

Have some classic scrambled eggs to start the day! Nothing beats the original style of this classic meal as created by the world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

Make a quick and easy sandwich snack using scrambled eggs. This recipe is best for working mothers, women on the go, and those with simply not enough time to create a fancy meal.

Fill your stomach with the hearty Breakfast Sausage, Potato, and Egg Scramble meal. With its dose of protein and carbohydrates, this recipe is sure to be a hit with both children and adults.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze scrambled eggs. Frozen scrambled eggs will last for 3-4 months in the freezer if stored properly. Follow these steps for freezing scrambled eggs: beat the egg yolks and whites separately, add salt and pepper to taste, pour your desired amount of beaten eggs into a freezer bag, seal it tightly, date it so you know when you put the meal in the freezer for reheating purposes.

Please share your experience with freezing scrambled eggs by leaving a comment below.

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