Can You Freeze Guacamole?

My husband and I went to a party hosted by our Mexican friend. She served tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole dips. It was our first time to eat guacamole and we became instant fans! Our friend taught us how to make traditional guacamole. Then at the supermarket yesterday, avocados were on promo. We got excited and bought a dozen. We are now ready to prepare a big batch of guac. We plan to freeze it, but we are not sure if it is a good idea.

Guacamole is indeed an easy, delicious, healthy, and versatile dish. You just mix mashed ripe avocado with onion, tomato, cilantro, lemon or lime juice, and seasonings. You can also add other ingredients such as hot peppers, basil, garlic, and sour cream. Guacamole can be used as a dip, condiment, and ingredient to salads and other dishes. The good news is, you can stock up on guac. But since it has many components, it can be quite tricky to freeze. When freezing guacamole, it is best to freeze only the mashed avocado with lemon or lime juice. Leave out the chunky, watery, and dairy ingredients for serving.

Can You Freeze Guacamole?

Guacamole is a healthy treat when taken in moderation. It is very low in cholesterol and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

As with other fruits, freezing preserves avocado at its peak flavor and nutrients. It loses its texture when frozen, so it is best frozen mashed, which is the base of guacamole.

Adding lemon and lime juice preserves avocados better. Citrus juice is a natural preservative. It balances the pH level of avocadoes.

It is not advisable to add other ingredients before freezing guacamole. Onion, tomato, cilantro, and fresh pepper have high water content. They are made of more than 90% water. Adding these to the guac base can make it watery when thawed. You can just add these ingredients after defrosting.

You can keep guacamole in the freezer for 3 to 4 months. You can also freeze other ingredients separately.

When ready to use, thaw frozen guac overnight in the refrigerator, or outside in cold water. It is not advisable to microwave it. But when in a hurry, you can use the defrost setting in the microwave. Stop until it is still frosty. Thaw fully as you stir in the other ingredients.

How to Freeze Guacamole?

Guacamole is quite simple to freeze.

  • Choose the right avocados.
    • Choose the best quality avocados in peak ripeness, neither overripe nor underripe.
    • Hass variant of avocados are usually used for guacamole. It must be color black and not dented or wrinkled. It must be tender, yielding to gentle pressure when your palm squeezes it. You can also easily remove the stem. And when you check, the color of skin under the stem must be green, not light brown or dark brown.
  • Wash the outer skin in running water.
  • Pat dry.
  • Slice the avocado in half.
    • Slice on one end of the avocado.
    • When the knife touches the pit, run the knife around it.
  • Remove the pit.
    • Gently twist the halves back and forth until you separate the halves.
    • Pierce the pit with the blade of the knife and gently lift the pit off the fruit.
  • Mash the avocado.
    • Scoop the flesh of the avocado out of the skin.
    • Mash with fork or masher. You can make it as chunky or mushy as you like.
    • You can also use food processor if you want it pureed.
  • Stir in lime or lemon juice.
    • Put at least 1 to 2 teaspoon lime or lemon per avocado.
    • 1 large lime or lemon has about 6 teaspoons.
    • You can increase amount of citrus as desired.
    • You can also add the citrus juice already before mashing the avocado.
  • Put in air-tight, sealed packages such as ziplock or freezer bags.
  • Label with the date when you froze it.

How To Use Up Extra/Leftover Guacamole?

Guacamole is a delicious and healthy dip made from avocados, onions, tomatoes, and spices. It’s perfect for dipping chips or veggies, and it can also be used as a condiment for tacos or burritos. But what do you do when you have extra guacamole? Here are five delicious ways to use up your leftover guacamole:

  1. Make a grilled cheese sandwich – Guacamole makes a great grilled cheese sandwich spread. Just spread some on your favorite bread, add some cheese, and grill until golden brown.
  2. Use it as a dip for chicken fingers – Chicken fingers are delicious when dipped in guacamole. Just add some ranch dressing or hot sauce to your guacamole for an extra kick.
  3. Add it to your eggs – Guacamole is also a great way to spice up your eggs. Just add it in with your scrambled eggs or omelette for a delicious and healthy meal.
  4. Make a quesadilla – Guacamole makes a great quesadilla filling. Just add some to a tortilla with cheese and grill until golden brown.
  5. Use it as a sandwich spread – Guacamole can also be used as a sandwich spread. Just spread it on your favorite bread, add your favorite toppings, and enjoy!

So there you have it – five delicious ways to use up your leftover guacamole. Next time you find yourself with extra guacamole, try one of these recipes and enjoy!

Guacamole Recipes

You can replace fresh guacamole with frozen guacamole in recipes. After thawing, add the usual onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. Then, add some bacon and feta cheese. You can also experiment with other ingredients such as ham and ricotta.

Make a quick sandwich using toasted bread, butter, guacamole, meat, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and leafy vegetables. Or maybe you can make a simple panini.

Guacamole can be used to put a twist in usual dishes and appetizers. For instance, you can stuff onion rings with guacamole before sealing it with breading and deep-frying. You can also add cheese for extra oomph. Dip it in salsa, mayonnaise, or sour cream.

Wrap Up

Can you freeze guacamole? Yes, you can! Freezing guacamole is a good way to preserve it for up to three months. Here’s how to do it: make sure you drain as much liquid from the avocado mixture before freezing it, transfer your guacamole to a freezer-safe container, and leave a little space for expansion. Don’t forget to label the bag! Transfer the container(s) of guacamole to the freezer. If you want to thaw the guacamole, let it sit at room temperature or in the fridge for a few hours. If not consumed immediately, you can refrigerate it for up to three days after thawing.

I would love to hear about your experience with freezing guacamole. Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

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