Can You Freeze Bread Dough?

Sometimes, you may find baking a bit of a hassle, especially when you start with the raw ingredients. Homemade bread is an example, especially as it requires you to make your own dough that needs to have yeast. It is a time-consuming process, and a better way of doing it faster is make the dough ahead of time.

One of the best ways to do this is by freezing the bread dough. Yes, if you know how to properly store it, you can freeze bread dough and still be able to bake it like it was freshly made.

Freezing bread dough, however, may be easily done but there are certain things to consider before trying to store it. What ingredients does it have? Does it have yeast? Is it fresh dough, or is it partially baked? These questions actually matter because it can affect the dough’s quality once it is thoroughly baked or cooked.

Can You Freeze Bread Dough?

As stated above, one has to be at least aware of how the ingredients work in baking the bread dough before freezing it.

When freezing the bread dough, it does significantly affect its texture. But, once baked, it can either result to two things: a fluffy, soft bread or a very dense, flat bread. The freezing process can kill some of the yeast that lets the dough rise, so it is important to take note of the proper process on how to prepare it before putting in the freezer. This will be discussed in the next section below.

Let the dough thaw for several hours in the refrigerator body. This is usually done overnight so it can be prepared the next day.

The bread dough, when stored in less than zero degrees Celsius temperature with little fluctuations in temperature, can last for about 4 months and perhaps longer.

If you do not want to freeze the dough or will be using it within a matter of days, keep the dough in the fridge for approximately 72 hours. There is no best way to store your bread dough other than refrigeration.

How to Freeze Bread Dough?

In order to attain longer shelf life and be able to successfully bake the bread dough, here are some of the steps to follow when preparing it for storage in the freezer:

  • When mixing the ingredients to make a dough, be sure to add extra yeast. There may be instances wherein the dough doesn’t properly rise, as some of the yeast gets killed during the freezing process.
  • Once the dough has finally been properly kneaded, shape the dough in any desired form. Make sure it is packed and hard enough.
  • In order to make thawing and preparation easy, and for the dough to retain shape during freezing, wrap the dough in slightly greased plastic wraps to prevent it from sticking.
  • Place the dough in the freezer, making sure that its container or wrap is moist-free and airtight. Make sure freezer temperature does not fluctuate.
  • When thawing, put the loaves in the refrigerator body overnight before baking. Place them on a greased pan and let them rise. 

Bread Dough Recipes

What kind of food can you make with bread dough? Here are just some of the many examples:

Cuban bread, a perfect, easy recipe for making authentic Cuban sandwich (or any kind of sandwich recipe for that matter)

Challah, a traditional egg bread for the Jewish Sabbath. It is an easy recipe perfect not only for those who celebrate Hanukkah, but for anyone who loves bread!

Caramelized onion bread, a soft and fluffy bread that kind of just melts wonderfully in your mouth. The caramelized onion definitely brings out the flavour and will make snack time very enjoyable.

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