Can You Freeze Chocolate?

My family loves to eat enormous amounts of chocolate. Call us chocolate monsters, but we have a pantry that’s always fully stocked with different kinds of chocolate. The problem is that sometimes we tend to buy so much that at times it can get stale in the pantry. Is there a way to store/preserve chocolate by freezing it to keep it fresh?

Chocolate is definitely a guilty pleasure. We all can’t get enough of it and it is understandable for a fellow chocolate lover to always have it in stock at home. Freezing chocolate to preserve its flavor is an easy solution to stop changes in flavor and texture.

Normally, chocolates are sealed in foil packs to lock in the freshness, but once it has been opened, you will need to repack the chocolate to preserve the taste. Also, another factor to consider when storing chocolates is the temperature.

Can you freeze chocolate?

The optimum temperature range to store them would be between 65-68F, with little humidity. This is because humidity can cause “sweating” in the chocolate that affects the taste and texture.

Freezing is optional, but this does not completely ensure the freshness of chocolate. For short time storage, placing the chocolate in a cool and dry place will do.

Also avoid exposing chocolate to heat and direct sunlight. For prolonged periods of storage, you may opt to freeze chocolate. If opened, be sure to place it in a sealed bag, but if otherwise, directly place it in the fridge.

With freezing, always proceed with caution. Do not remove the plastic covering if you are not going to consume the product immediately since this can cause bacterial growth when exposed to air.

Be sure to give the chocolate ample time to thaw prior to consumption. Keep the product in a mid-level temperature area when defrosting since sudden drops in temperature can affect the quality.

For best results, move the chocolate to the lower levels of the fridge upon pull out from the freezer. Leave it for an hour before moving to room temperature.

How to preserve chocolate

Chocolate has a very sliky and rich texture. If not stored properly, it can lose these properties. Below is a short step-by-step process on how to preserve chocolate to keep it fresh.

  • Prepare the chocolate by segregating them into groups depending on consumption. You can group them into 50-100 grams to help you with portion control as well.
  • For those you will eat immediately, leave this on the fridge shelves. As for those you will consume at a later time, those should be stored in the freezer.
  • If the packaging has not yet been opened, just put it into the freezer and you’re good to go. Otherwise, place it in an airtight bag first.
  • Keep it dry, and do not forget to label the bag. Include the date.
  • Avoid using cheap plastic bags for freezer storage because these tend to get brittle after some time.

How To Use Up Extra/Leftover Chocolate?

Chocolate is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. But what do you do when you have extra chocolate? Here are five delicious ways to use up your leftover chocolate:

  1. Make a chocolate fondue – Chocolate fondue is a fun and easy way to enjoy your leftover chocolate. Simply melt your chocolate in a pot, and then dip fruit or marshmallows into the melted chocolate for a tasty treat.
  2. Make a chocolate trifle – A trifle is a layered dessert that can be made with any type of cake or cookies. To make a chocolate trifle, simply layer your favorite chocolate cake or cookies with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
  3. Decorate cupcakes or cakes – If you’re feeling creative, try using your leftover chocolate to decorate cupcakes or cakes. You can use it to make designs on the top of the cupcakes, or you can pipe it around the edge of the cake.
  4. Make a chocolate milkshake – A chocolate milkshake is a delicious and easy way to use up your leftover chocolate. Just add milk, ice cream, and chocolate to a blender and blend until smooth.
  5. Make chocolate-covered strawberries – Chocolate-covered strawberries are a simple and elegant way to enjoy your leftover chocolate. Just dip strawberries in melted chocolate, and then let them cool on a sheet of wax paper.

Whatever you do, don’t let your leftover chocolate go to waste! Try one of these recipes and enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate in a whole new way.

Chocolate Recipes

Easy Chocolate Bowl Dessert

Bitesize chocolate bowls with a luscious nutella mousse filling.

Chocolate Mousse

An easy no-bake chocolate mousse recipe created with smooth and creamy chocolate.

Homemade Chocolate

A revamp on artisanal chocolate with a semi-hard outer shell and chewy-chocolatey core.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze chocolate! Frozen chocolates will last for a long time as well. You just need to follow the steps below on how to preserve them. Separate each group of chocolate into 50-100 grams depending on consumption and store it in airtight bags with labels that include the date of purchase. Keep the chocolates dry and place the bagged product in your freezer.

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