Can You Freeze Potato Soup?

Every time I go home for a visit, my mom will make me a generous amount of potato soup. Her recipe is the best, and I’ve tried to replicate it, but failed miserably. I was thinking of instead of trying it at home, we’ll just cook the soup good for a few days so I can have this delicious soup when I’m away from home.

Believe it or not, freezing soup is easy and a lot more common than it seems. If you want to enjoy your mom’s cooking when you’re away from home, then go ahead.

You can cook a large batch of potato soup and freeze it. This is an ideal practice especially during the winter season—everyone loves to warm their bellies with a good and hearty soup. Even if there is no winter in your area, you can always prepare the soup in advance and have them anytime, anywhere.

Can You Freeze Potato Soup?

Before anything else, you may want to choose where to put the soup. You can use a spill-proof bag or glass jars. Plastic bags can save you space but glass jars are safer and healthier. Should you choose the plastic bag, look for the BPA-free variant.

There are also a lot of ways to cook potato soup. But if you plan to freeze them, there are a few things you wish to avoid. First is overcooking. Potatoes tends to be soft and mushy when overcooked, and reheating will cook the food furthermore. Slightly undercook your potatoes instead.

Milk and cream don’t freeze well. They tend to be grainy and separated when reheated. You may want to remove any milk-based products on your soup before freezing. Add the said ingredients when reheating instead. This way, your soup will retain its flavor and texture.

If you add pasta on your potato soup, don’t. That is if you intend to freeze it. Pasta will continuously absorb liquid and when you freeze and reheat it, it will turn into mush.

Like any other soup, do not put them in the freezer while hot. It will cause the food already in your freezer to defrost a little. Also, rapid temperature changes is a food safety risk.

Lastly, never overfill. Liquid will expand when frozen, so you may want to leave an allowance on your bag or jar when filling it with your soup.

How to Freeze Potato Soup?

Should you want to stock up this delicious soup, follow these steps:

  • Cook your potato soup. Choose your recipe well. If it has pasta or any milk-based products, take it out of the recipe and add it when reheating. Also, your vegetables should be slightly undercooked. If you intend to eat some of it immediately, remove a portion you intend to freeze and add in the missing ingredients on the rest.
  • Cool your soup. You may put the pot in an ice or cold water bath to speed up the process.
  • Put it in a container. Use a ladle or a funnel to avoiding spilling. Don’t forget to add an allowance for expansion. You can put the soup in the container when hot, but make sure to cool it down before closing the lid.
  • Freeze it. You may label it first before putting it in the freezer.

Potato Soup Recipes

Here are some of our recommended potato soup recipes that you and your family can enjoy.

Loaded Potato Soup

A creamy and absolutely one of the tastiest version of the potato soup. It has bacon, and everybody knows it makes every dish taste a lot better.

Easy Potato Soup

A quick and inexpensive potato soup. Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean less, you’ll be surprised how tasty this recipe is. Good for four servings.

Chicken Potato Soup

A great collaboration of your two favorite ingredients. This is indeed a hearty soup and a perfect meal in itself. This dish will definitely touch your soul.

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