Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt?

I am a very health conscious woman, and one of the things I include in my diet is greek yogurt. I bought a huge tub of greek yogurt at the local supermarket because it was on sale. Since I live alone, the tub is a ton of supply for me. Can I freeze greek yogurt and will I get the same nutritional value as when it was newly bought?

Greek yogurt is becoming popular in the market nowadays, probably due to the claims that it is healthier than the regular yogurt.

You can freeze Greek yogurt, and freezing it could even help extend its shelf life. However, its texture would change into something that is not similar to the commercially prepared frozen yogurt. It will separate, but with constant and thorough stirring, you will get a better consistency similar to when you originally bought it. The nutritional value of frozen and then thawed Greek yogurt remains the same.

Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt?

It is okay to freeze Greek yogurt, but its shelf life depends on how it is stored. Unopened Greek yogurt could last for 1-2 weeks past its expiry date if refrigerated and lasts for 1-2 months if frozen.

Opened Greek yogurt could last for a week past its printed date when refrigerated and for a month when stored in the freezer.

Freezing your yogurt could change its look and consistency. It becomes clumpy and is far different from the texture of an ice cream.

Frozen yogurt does not change the yogurt’s taste; however, some people might find it very unpleasant to eat because of its weird texture.

In order to bring back the texture of your thawed Greek yogurt, you could stir or whip it. Others would recommend turning it into a smoothie, and it would taste just like the original.

If your Greek yogurt is frozen and stored properly, it would still retain its quality, nutritional value, and its active cultures. Some of the bacteria would die, but most become dormant once the yogurt is frozen and become active when it is defrosted.

How to Freeze Greek Yogurt

When freezing Greek yogurt, it is not ideal to just dump the entire tub in the fridge. It is best if you do the following:

  • First of all, you must use an air tight container to seal your yogurt in order to maintain its quality and so that it would not absorb any bad odor or bacteria from the freezer.
  • Divide the yogurt into separate bags. Doing so would allow more space for the yogurt since frozen items expand in its container. This is also more convenient especially when you only want to take certain amounts of yogurt daily.
  • It is advisable to label your containers with the yogurt’s expiry date so you would know how long you would be able to use it.
  • When unfreezing, it is recommended that you defrost your yogurt in the refrigerator overnight.
  • After thawing, make sure to mix or whip well.

Greek Yogurt Recipes

Greek yogurt pancakes are a great and healthy meal to help you kickstart your day. Check out this super easy method here:

Craving Greek yogurt and pasta for lunch? Why not mix up these two ingredients together to create Greek yogurt pasta! Find out more about it here:

Slice up some of your favorite vegetables or partner your pita bread sliced into sticks with a flavorful Greek yogurt dip (Tzatziki):

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