Can You Freeze Grapes?

My brother occasionally gives me a huge sack of seedless grapes from his vineyard. Since they are my favorite, I eat them anytime of the day and use them in any recipe applicable. I usually freeze them right after washing to keep them fresh. One time he gave me seeded ones. I wonder if I can freeze them right away or do I have to take out its seeds first?

Grapes are great sources of Vitamins C, K and B1. Other than being healthy and delicious, grapes are also easy to store and freeze.

Fresh grapes are perfect for freezing since doing so does not change its flavor. However, seeded grapes must be deseeded first before freezing. Simply cut the grapes in half and remove the seeds. Seedless grapes are always preferred. After freezing, you can eat them right away, no thawing needed.

Can You Freeze Grapes?

Freezing grapes is a good way not only to preserve them but also to enjoy eating them. You can eat them fresh from the freezer but you can also freeze them in other forms.

When frozen, grapes can last up to five months. However, some resources say that it is best to consume them within three months to guarantee freshness.

Grapes do not need to be thawed to be eaten. They do need to be thoroughly washed before freezing for they contain pesticide residue.

Other than freezing, you can also preserve them through canning. Although this requires much more effort and time, canned grapes are also useful in many kitchen dishes.

Unlike some other fruits, frozen grapes do not highly differ to fresh grapes. They have similar nutritional content and taste. They can, however, serve as hazards to young children, since they’re hard when fresh from the freezer.

Having a keen sense of smell and sight can help you identify whether or not your grapes have gone bad. A sour smell and a brown discoloration are some signs of expiration.

How to Freeze Grapes

Remember to choose tender and firm grapes with full color. These are signs of freshness and tastiness.

  • Destem the grapes and place them in a colander or salad spinner.
  • Wash the grapes thoroughly with running water to remove any excess pesticide from the vineyard.
  • Place each grape on a towel to dry; doing this helps prevent icicles from forming once placed in the freezer. If possible, wipe excess water out individually.
  • Separate each grape from the other and lay them out on a baking tray or sheet, preferably with wax paper, so that removing them will be easy and freezing is done evenly. Putting the grapes together will cause them to stick, so remember to always separate.
  • Once frozen, transfer the grapes on a plastic bag to save up freezer space. Make sure that the bag is sealed well. Remember to remove air from the bag.

Grapes Recipes

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