Can You Freeze Alcohol?

Our family really loves to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and even simple successes and accomplishments. In our parties, we usually include several alcoholic beverages and cocktail mixes. Oftentimes, there are leftover wines and liquors after the party. I wonder if I can freeze the left over alcoholic drinks. Is it safe to freeze alcoholic drinks?

You are wondering if you can freeze leftover alcoholic drinks after your parties. Can you really freeze leftover and/or unopened bottles of alcoholic drinks? read more

Can You Freeze Crab Meat?

I visited my family living near the sea. Seafood in the market is very cheap and so I decided to buy crab meat. I bought too much and I can’t cook everything at once. Can I freeze it and save it for later?

Crab meat spoils very fast and should be cooked immediately. But just like the common problem of excess food, it would be a waste if leftovers are thrown away, so should you freeze your crab meat for later?

Yes you can and you should. Freezing is the best way to preserve crab meat. Since it’s very perishable, freezing it will prolong its freshness and maintain its quality. read more

Can You Freeze Honey?

I just tried honey to use as a sweetener to my recipes. I loved it but it keeps on spoiling when I leave in the shelf. I’m afraid to put it on the freezer because my friends say that it will form and become inedible. Can I freeze it and still keep it fresh?

Honey is a timeless sweetener and its natural flavor is enjoyed by everybody. The price is a little bit expensive and we don’t want to waste that extra honey. So can we preserve by freezing it?

Yes, you can. Putting honey in the freezer is better than refrigerating it. In fact, refrigerating honey has a higher chance of crystallizing it than in putting it in the freezer. Freezing honey keeps it fresh for a long time. read more

Can You Freeze American Cheese?

I bought packs of American cheese for a grilled cheese burger party with my friends. I have lots of leftovers and decided to put it in the freezer. The problem is, there is a label in the package “do not freeze”. Do I have to preserve it in another way? Or freezing it would be alright?

Many people don’t know if American cheese can be frozen. The reason is that sometimes, manufacturers will say avoid freezing it resulting in to confusion. It is frustrating to go out every time you need American cheese or any cheese. But can you really freeze American cheese? read more

Can You Freeze Spaghetti Sauce?

Spaghetti is a common food option in every celebration. As such, if one is to ask kids, there is no such thing as too much spaghetti sauce. But when in the face of a container full of excess spaghetti sauce, one would hope that there is a way to preserve it. Therefore, is it possible to freeze spaghetti sauce?

Yes! Spaghetti sauce is one of the pasta sauces that can be frozen easily. Usually, these tomato-based sauces freeze well and can be thawed relatively easier than meat-based ones or the creamy variant. Thus, it is now okay to prepare more than estimated if one knows the techniques in properly freezing spaghetti sauce. read more

Can You Freeze Chopped Onions?

Chopping onions for every meal can sometimes feel like a chore, which is why some people prefer to slice or dice their onions all at once. Another popular reason for such is to avoid the onions from sprouting or getting covered with molds. However, is it possible to freeze chopped onions?

Definitely! In fact, freezing chopped onions is popular among cooks and chefs because having an ample stock lessens the work when preparing ingredients for a meal. As such, they can make better preparations of ingredients for the other recipes. read more

Can You Freeze Radishes?

Thrift shoppers at the supermarket often find themselves buying too many vegetables products. While vegetables such as green beans and Brussels sprouts can be frozen without any prior preparations, some require a delicate and timed procedure if buyers want to preserve them; radish is a good example for the latter. So, is it possible to freeze radishes?

Many people encounter this dilemma, especially during peak seasons. Fortunately, freezing radishes is possible. In fact, in other countries, they have already been practicing this method of preservation, and most of them follow the same procedure and preparation technique. read more

Can You Freeze Tomato Paste?

I am more a fan of tomato paste than tomato sauce. I use the paste instead of sauce, even in dishes that requires sauce rather than the paste, which is more concentrated.Sometimes, I have these leftovers which I really don’t want to go to waste. How long does tomato paste last if I freeze it?

Definitely, the paste promises lots of lycopene concentrates in it. And the best thing about it is that you can either freeze the leftover and use it as a face mask.

After opening, the leftover tomato paste must be kept in the fridge or in the freezer. You can refrigerate and be able to use it in its best quality up to 40 to 45 days. Tomato paste will last indefinitely in the freezer, but its freshness may remain only up to 18 months. read more

Can You Freeze Canned Pumpkin?

I love eating but I’m not really that type who likes to bake or prepare food. And pumpkin preserves are just my favorite. They say canned pumpkins, even the Libby’s brand, are not really 100% pumpkin, but I buy them anyway and keep lots of it in the pantry. Can I put canned pumpkins in the freezer?

I think we just have something in common, because I love to eat, too! Canned pumpkins are really the best because you can just eat pumpkin in an instant.

People store canned pumpkin in the pantry or in room temperature because it is processed and packaged in such a way as to extend its shelf life. Canned pumpkins last up to one or two years, depending on the expiry date indicated. But you can definitely freeze the leftover from opened canned pumpkins. read more

Can You Freeze Pumpkin Puree?

We all know for a fact that pumpkin fruits are available only during the months of September or October. That’s why I’m looking for ways to preserve pumpkin and make it available for baking pies and cakes throughout the year. I wanted to make a gallon of puree and preserve it. Can I freeze pumpkin puree?

Yes, of course. Making a puree out of pumpkin fruits is definitely better and is easier to pack than when trying to preserve raw or fresh pumpkins.

Keeping pumpkin puree at temperature of zero degree or below is always the best way of preserving it. Pumpkin puree will retain its best quality and taste in the freezer for up to eight to nine months. If you refrigerate pumpkin puree, it will stay fresh only up to three days. read more